What's in the air?? The Battle of the Candles

This past spring, I was recently introduced to aromatherapy and its healing properties. And for the entire spring and summer I used several candles of course with safety measures.

So, this is a close one, I tried toryburch.com candles that benefit her foundation, and this was heavenly, the scent of citrus and grass, calmed me down after a long day. It was truly a treat at 45.00, I know very steep price.

Then, there is nestfragances.com, which is made in the USA and for $32.00 for there Grapefruit candle was again calming and soothing, which my friend explained to me that citrus scent are great because they have calming properties. The candle did have a longer burn time than the toryburch.com and for the price, everyone who came to my home wanted to know where to get the Nest candle.

I was introduced to tocca.com via sephora.com actually and I tried the Cleopatra which has a wonderful woodsy spice scent, and another candle that has a cucumber and citrus scent, between the two tocca.com candles, I prefer the Cleopatra; especially for a romantic night.

Lastly, anthousa.com, I was able to get the Medeterian votive on sale at gilt.com, blends light and delicate and actually helped my sister with her migranes. This was a steal at 28.00 for 4 votive candles, which normally retail for $48.00. And I was able to get there end of season Aqua candle full size candle at $32.00 which when lit, transported you to the pristine beaches of Anguilla.

Who wins on this?? This is so tough because I loved all the of the scents, but for the price and burn time, I would say nestfragrances.com. But, if you want to help women business owners, please for the holidays purchase toryburch.com candles.

Also, they holidays are coming up and on beautybar.com, they have a luxury set of Nest candles, you can wrap two per home and your hostess will love you.

Ahhh....the wonderful scents of the earth.

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