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Vistaprint: It's More 250 B-Cards for $10

You know those ads 250 Business Cards for $10.00, I know you may think that is kinda cheesy, too good to be true.

Anyway, while I was planning my "Spring Gratitude" party they had a "deal" for the first ten invites for free and the next 20 for 6.99 with envelopes. I know you are thinking "the catch" quality must not be good or the design poor quality.

No, no, and nope! The invitations came on time and they were beautiful! So much so my guests wanted to know where I got the invites and the invites matched the color scheme of my party.

Fast forward, I just ordered my invites for my Thanksgiving Party, ten for free, plus I had 250 business cards that was included in the order for FREE! 

The only thing I had to pay for was the back color design on the invites and shipping, so 250 unique beautiful business cards and elegant Thanksgiving invites for 2.99. 

Total for everything???? $10.94.

Compared to Papyrus which cost a min. of $100.00 for invitation, even with a 20…

The Best Shapewear

Shape wear and bras have come a long since the Playtex 18 hour bra, that my grandmother's use to wear.

Then there is Victoria's Secret for the teens an early 20's who want to look cute, but as you get older you need support, especially if you are a full- breasted woman. 

Today the average American woman wears 36 DD way up from 36 C of ten years ago. So my best bets for coverage and support hand  is Wacoal  bras. They provide wonderful support and are extremely beautiful and come in matching sets. 

The best Wacoal selection, I have seen is in Bloomingdale's. The bras come in sexy patterns for that "special" night, as well as minimizer's if you are having that major presentation and don't want all eyes on your breasts. The strapless bras give great support as well to wear with your strapless maxi dresses. Of course they do come at a premium and I do stock up during sale day.

Now, we come to shape wear all women do not want to put on that "perfect"…

Planning Your Children's Halloween Party

I know the personal party planning season officially begins with Halloween.

Option #1:
If you live in Manhattan, NYC the most pleasant experience I know is the Children's Halloween Parade in the West Village. When I was in grad school, I would hear the music and see the beautiful children dressed as colorful pumpkins, cheery witches, nothing ghoulish, and of course the parents seemed so happy and at peace being in the parade with the kids.

Invite a small group of your child's friends to a party at the home of one the parent's in your group. 
If you choose this option then make certain, you have foods that all children can eat-- especially with food allergies-- no nuts, dairy, etc. 
Have the other parents assist, someone in charge of decorations, the person who knows how to bake have that person make plain cupcakes-- many bakeries can not and will not say that their products are completely nut free, I learned this while ordering my niece's birthday cake.
Limit activi…

The Beauty Spot: DIY Solutions

The Beauty Spot Nature’s Secrets:

Silence is Golden!

Are you ever tempted to "let some one have it!" or in the middle of an heated argument "tell someone off!"

You feel GREAT afterwards, because you finally let someone have it!

The one thing that I've learned is that words cannot be taken back, and they are truly the fuel behind the great conflicts and misunderstandings, loss of time, and missed opportunities.

So, when someone has offended us, or you think they have offended you, take three steps:
1. Is what they say true?
2. What is the real meaning behind their actions?
3. Is it really worth responding?

We live in an age of great uncertainty and people are inconstant fear of losing homes, parents, children, health, retirement accounts, etc.

So, instead of us reacting to someone else's negativity, let us remain silent, when they are espousing anger and hatred. Let's us remain in peace, while everyone is losing it, and let us think of creative ways to solve problems, without causing additional harm to others.


5 Ways to Slim Down this Fall

Many people go into nesting mode for the fall and winter months, then around March everyone wants that bikini body for May.

Good health should be a way of life.

So, how do you slim down in the fall when there is Halloween candy and one week of leftovers from Thanksgiving and out of town guests coming in for Thanksgiving or Black Friday sales?

1. Tip#1: Always eat a high fiber breakfast- I always have Irish Steel Cut Oats with one teaspoon of Agave Nectar.

2. Tip# 2: Always eat a salad with your main course, your heaviest meal of the day should be lunch, not dinner, the majority of countries have long had this way of life and half one tablespoon of vinegar before eating, vinegar is an appetite suppressant.

3. Tip# 3: Move every day, even if you don't want to do a DVD or gym, get off the subway one stop early and walk the rest of the way, walk your kids to school, and don't sit on the bench with the other parents gossiping, get out and get on the SWING yourself!

4. Tip#4: Have a Socia…

Libraries Are More Than Just Books!

Growing up after I finished my morning chores, my mother would take me to library, so I can do reports and read and take out 2 books for my enjoyment.

Well, libraries have certainly evolved since then. 

Libraries have everything from Resume and Job Search skills, which is essential in this economy. Also, they have computer station where you can use the internet for job leads.

Interested in starting a small business?

They also have small business clinics and courses from ways to build your "brand" to financial analysis.

Some libraries have docking spaces, where people can go with a laptop and write their reports, novels, screenplays, etc.

Need something to do for your children?
In addition to classic story time they have jewelry and puppet making classes, they DVD's for rental.

In certain communities they guest speakers give talks on health and even health screening.

So, your tax payers money help support and keep these great establishments open better make good use of them!

Pay Your Tribute to Ole Broadway!

The following is my pick for all ages to go and see a bit of Classic New York holiday shows, especially if you have out of town guests.
1. My first pick is The Lion King- The Lion King is a great production and a classic message for all age groups your kids as well as grandparents would love this show, especially if you are lucky enough to get orchestra seats.

2. Chicago- This play is great for when the ADULTS want to have night out, I know the movie has been made, but there is nothing like the Broadway version.

3.Wicked- Ever wanted to know how the wicked witch became WICKED? This is an amazing production the colors, lighting, storyline, just a great play for all ages and it is NOT scary.

4. Phantom of the Opera- There is no wonder why this has been Broadway's longest running show, amazing production, storyline and for teens and adults this gets my vote.

5. Annie! Annie is back, this was my very first Broadway play when I was 7, every person should see this play it is just amazing!

I …

Book Nook: Keys Books for Inspiration

OK, by now you should know that not only do I love a good deal, like to workout, but I LOVE to read.

I can remember in elementary school, we had an annual book report contest, who could ever read and write quality book reports would win a medal at the end of the year. And it was always between my friend and I as to who be either first or second.

So, when I was stuck in a crossroads naturally I turned to books.

Two of these books are actual real life accounts of people who needed and decided to take action and live a better life.

1. Can I Get A Do Over?
Many people think that if I am not a millionaire by 25, it's over for me, but the reason why I love this book so much, is it shows people from every walk of life and from every economic condition from slavery to double digit inflation, who rose against the odds to create a wonderful life for themselves.

2. Failing Forward
Again this book has practical stories from the woman who created the Red Cross to Movie Studio Executives, when one roa…

The Best Home Work Out

After several hundreds of wasted dollars, I decided to never get a gym membership, its a waste of time and money for me.

So I explored several options:

I checked into PX90 but it was really complicated and you need to buy weights and everything

Then, I thought about Zumba my sister's friend wanted to try it out, but then as a saw a infomerical for it, I figured for me it was like dancing so, pay money when I can dance for free.

Until one day, I was flipping the channels and saw a beautiful Hawaiian background, and a guy that looked like a Greek God doing exercises.

So, for a week I workout with my Greek God and I saw results, so I went to and bought the Basic DVD and it worked wonders! 

My recommendation for the Best Home Work Out is: Body by Gilad.

Absolutely great results!

Here's to a great healthy bod!

Date Night: Movie Night

If you don't have time to get into a "good book" but need a good escape, watching a good movie has always taken my mind off things and allows me to refocus.

So, since we are "Falling Into Health" here my few suggestions for Movie Night.

1. Bridesmaids
This was really funny, a bit gross, but if you ever needed a great laugh pick this.

2. Horrible Bosses
Who knew Jennifer Aniston could talk so "sexy/dirty?"

3. Sea biscuit
Great inspirational story of making it against the odds.

4. Trains, Planes, and Automobiles
This is Steve Martin classic, especially with the holidays coming around the corner, you might want to think twice before making travel plans.

5. What's Your Number?
I had such a great laugh with this Anna Farris movie, I am certain that many ladies have tried to track down their exes in the process of meeting that special someone.

6. The Hangover Part I-
You may want to think twice before going to a bachelor party.

Get some popcorn and lower your stress…

Our Resident Male Grooming Expert: Gives Fall/Winter Grooming Advice

Once again, I caught up with the ever popular and busy, Michael Sin, Co-Founder of Urban Cargo, Male Grooming for his take on male grooming for the Fall and Winter.

The reason why I love Urban Cargo for Men is not only it is a male subscription site, with stand alone products for purchase, Michael and his team have curated the best boxes dedicated to shaving, body washes, and hair care, all at regular sizes.

OK, here is Michael advice fellas for these seasons:

"As the weather gets colder make sure you hydrate your skin."


The heat from the radiator and the elements reeks havoc on your skin.
1. Use body lotion for hands and feet as they get quite chapped.

2. AGAIN, remember to USE sunscreen or face moisturizer with SPF because UV rays are still a concern even though it is less sunny. Especially, important for those into winter sports as snow reflects the sun, so you need to take extra care of your skin.

3. Use lip balm, for lips so they don't get too chapped and start to bl…

Battle of the Luxury Discount Stores

Before Gilt, Rue La, La and Haute Look, there was and still are two major players in the discount luxury market.

Those two stores are Century 21 and Loehman's. For years while working in financial services, I use to save up, befriend the security guard who would tell me when the shipment of certain designers would come in and after work, to the flagship Century 21 store in lower Manhattan, talk about seventh heaven!

The deals I would get on Donna Karan, Tracy Reese, and Century 21 is not only clothing, they have travel section, and beauty products as well.

Now, on Long Island, you had Loheman's, which was the same in terms of designers, so they were on par with each other, certain times of the year don't go because it looked like a clothing zoo!

Fast forward today, Century 21 has expanded the beautiful store on the corner near Lincoln Center, which replaced the Barnes and Noble is elegant and they tell you when certain designers shipments are coming in, so no more winking at …

Environmental Spotlight: Method Cleaning Products

OK, I like to clean, I am not a neat freak, but it does boost your mood to walk into a clean room.

Several years, I developed an severe reaction to "normal" cleaning products that were on the market, although the did the job, it left me with watery eyes, sneezing, and me have to air out the room because products was so chemically laden heavy.

One day, I am reading Inc. magazine and I read an article about "The Method Formula" environmental products that did the job without the harsh chemical scent and was good for the environment.

With an open mind I bought the anti- bacterial Toilet Bowl cleaner, great worked like a charm, then the all purpose cleaner, you know when you are wiping down the table after a meal, even more impressed, then I moved on the the glass cleaner, wood soap for the hard woods, and the shower cleaner.

All products are superior without having me have to leave the house after cleaning.

Even if you have someone clean your house, because most cleaning c…

Ways to Boost Immunity: Go to Sleep!

We all do a lot!

Most of us who live in NYC are up at 4:30am out by 7:00am and sitting at a desk or in a meeting by 9:00am then we work for a min. of 8 hours, then we go to business or social events, and by the time we make it to our child's performance, we are falling asleep, praying not to snore too loud!

This is the same for our children, one day my niece read me her weekend schedule which included 4 hours of dance, 5 hours of Chinese language school instruction, and a min. of 6 hours of homework for both schools, a breakfast date with her BFF, and church on Sunday.

And this was a schedule of a 16 year old.

Personally, I can remember going to my doctor and falling asleep on the examining table, as he awoke me, I asked if I had anemia, or if my liver or heart was functioning properly, maybe it was sign of diabetes. 

He laughed and reassured my that I just had my physical last week and the blood work was perfect. However, he did tell me to boost my immunity, to go home and do what exa…

Best Wings in NYC

If your partner is a sports fanatic, then I am certain you must have eaten a couple of chicken wings in your day. 

Chicken wings now come in all exotic flavors such as Asian glazed, or Caribbean Spice or Chipolte blend, which is a good thing because it shows the evolution of the product, from the hot sauce that made your fingers red for days.

OK, now back to the Best Wings in NYC, I would have to say hands down are Virgil's from Virgil's BBQ located in Times Square.

Reason, they are marinaded in wonderful delicate spices and are grilled liked BBQ, then they have a great sauce that is neither hot nor is it super sweet. Wonderful, love them to pieces, eat them at the bar with the Jack Daniels Lemonade, while watching the game, absolutely wonderful!

You can grab some to go, but better order early on game day!

That's my choice for NYC's best wings, sorry no pic, the guys at the bar would have found it strange if I started to take pics of my food.


The Best NYC Pizza

NYC is the one of the culinary capital's of the world. We have the best bagels, knishes, deli's, and of course pizza!

In fact my brother in law from Georgia would make a special trip, just so he can get his "slice."

Over the years, many pizza places have come and gone, some were stand out for a long time such as Ray's Pizza. But the two pizza places that are really wonderful for great reasons are a legend and a newcomer to NYC.

The legend is Patsy's in the West Village, the pizza is coal oven baked, leaving the crust nice and crispy, the sauce is GREAT--homemade and fresh, and the cheese is also homemade, it is so worth it, every once at a while! The pepperoni is great as well not too spicy, but also fresh.

The newcomer is Wolfgang Puck?!! I know from Spago's in Beverly Hills to world class pizza. His pizzas are amazing from his vegetarian pizza, I love the caramelized onions, with mushrooms, and pesto with fontina cheese, amazing! Then there is the veggie pi…

The Best Celebrity Clothing Lines

OK, so by now I have wear and have worn just about every type of designer at any price point.

So its the trend with major celebs come out with their "fashion" lines" for the "normal" person. After several months I have come across the following lines that are worth it.

The former fashion model turned business mogul. I have a animal print  A- line dress that she created for this season, which is so well made, it is full lined the bodice is close and the skirt is full, but the detail of the sequin trim around the skirt; which is so subtle can take you day to evening.
It was a gift, so I don't know how much but you can check her out on

Jennifer Lopez-
I know "On the Sixth" Jenny from the block.  The reason why I chose her is because I bought a caftan (with my bank points!) and it was black and silver and it looked and felt AMAZING! It also held up to several washings in my correct size, so there was no shrinkage. Someone asked me if I bough…

Business Advice: Ways to Capture Your Market an Expand Your Business

It seems as though people are signing up for small business incubators and accelerator's by the dozens.

It is true out of disparity comes seeds of great creativity and innovation, many great products that last over 75 years were created by people who survived The Great Depression.

However, the difference between the entrepreneurs of that era and today are far different, and I laugh at books that now "teach people customer service."

As a potential business owner, you may have the greatest idea; however it comes down to two basic things:
1. Transparency
2. Consistency

Transparency are you the person, who say you are?

 As an alumni of the National Academy of Finance, I had the luxury of learning at a very young age from learning from the best, in all areas of business. The key tenet that they stressed to us was character.

Fast forward several years later I attended several entrepreneurial workshops and the same thing came up-- 

Are you the person who say are?

Many people have won…

A Healthy Yet Delicious Take On Game Day Food

We are in the middle of Football Season and you may have a significant other who loves to have his/her friends over every Sunday to watch the game.

But, after the Super Bowl a Sunday Night diet of potato skins, buffalo wings, pizza, beer and soda can leave any one's waist line a lot bigger than expected.

So here are my takes on "Healthy Junk Food"

Every one's gotta have Chips? But some of the Chips on the market have so much sodium, which is a leading factor of high blood pressure so here's my take.

Buy low fat tortilla chips cut them in eighths, so they resemble "chips" and toss them with my spice mix of turmeric, garlic powder, and paprika in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and bake at a high heat until golden and crispy.

OK the dip-- I use authentic Plain Greek yogurt and an a organic chipolte season blend and mix it up.

Now every is getting hungry what to do?
People like tacos so substitute ground beef with is saturated in fat with ground turkey serve on half a tor…

Get OUT!!! My Shopping Finds

OK, I know some may think, that all I do is run up a credit card bill, by click, click.

Which is far from true, this month is all about health and gearing up for the festivities of the late Nov. and Dec.

And I love fall in NYC because, it is not too cold or hot, so I can walk as much as possible while still taking in the city's atmosphere.

So, one particular weekend I decided to give myself a challenge and go to Austin Street in Forest Hills, which is in Queens. No, it is not a mall! It is the So Ho of Queens, with a variety of shops and restaurants.

Challenge: Get the things I need for at least $10.00 less

As you know candles and scents are one of my favorite things in the world.

First Stop:  Bath and Body Works
This store was having a sale on 3 wick candles. 
They had the traditional "fall scents," but I came across a great find stress reliever brand, the Eucalyptus and Lemon Candle, the scent was so amazing and did the job of relieving stress.
Because the size of the candle a…

Favorite Body Washes

One day, I read a dating article, and one recent trend that both men and women were complaining about was body hygiene of their dates, as I read the article further it specifically discussed the lack of showers, people are taking.

I know we are so lucky in the United States to live in a country, where there is clean running water and so many different body washes and products, we really shouldn't have this problem. 

So here are my favorite picks for body washes:

KORRES: This is an organic based product from Greece and it comes in wonderful scents, such as Guava, but after the gym you may want to try Basil & Lemon, it really cools as it refreshes a person.

Philosophy: Need a recipe for a Margarita? Well they have it on there bottle, it has great refreshing scent as well.
DOVE: Body Washes are GREAT! Especially for the winter months because they have a thicker consistency, that have built in moisturizers. My favorite scent is Coconut!

Those are my picks!

The Beauty Spot: Facial Cleasners

Remember that nursery school song: "This how we wash our face, wash our face, early in the morning."

So, I dated myself, before we go to the spa or put on any makeup, we should start with the good basic facial cleanser.

For the past several months I've been on a quest to find "absolute" best basic facial product. I've come up with a few:

Philosophy: Mircodermabsion Wash, it is very gentle, but provides great exfoliation, and it is mild enough, so you can use it on a daily basis. It can be bought at
Then I have heard so much about Khiel's products that decided to try it: The texture of this product is creamy and you only have to use about a dime size of the product. But, it does the trick, my skin did feel great. Back to this line in sec...

The last, basic skin cleanser was Neutrogena's foaming face wash, in Pink Grapefruit. I can honestly say, I was impressed! My face felt clean and refreshed. Sorry no PIC!

After a hard week's of wor…

October's Focus: Fall for Beauty and Grace

Hello All,

Thanks for staying with us for another month, we appreciate your support!

October is a great month you are in the work groove, kids have settled in their routines, and it is also the time when we begin holiday planning. 

But, before we can plan one holiday dinner party or think to RSVP to something, we should take this month and concentrate on ourselves!

So, we have examined the best Basic Facial Cleansers, Deep Cleaning Facial Products, Body Washes, we even got Michael Sin, Co- Founder of Urban Cargo to give our gentlemen some fall/winter tips as well.

October is also the in between month because we've become lax in our pre-summer/summer body workouts, and most of us figure we'll hit the the gym "after" the holidays. So we are going to be pro- active and rate the best home DVD workouts.

It's football season, so we'll give our take on "Healthy Junk Food," for those who still need to have pizza and wings, we scoured NYC to find two great pizza …