A Healthy Yet Delicious Take On Game Day Food

We are in the middle of Football Season and you may have a significant other who loves to have his/her friends over every Sunday to watch the game.

But, after the Super Bowl a Sunday Night diet of potato skins, buffalo wings, pizza, beer and soda can leave any one's waist line a lot bigger than expected.

So here are my takes on "Healthy Junk Food"

Every one's gotta have Chips? But some of the Chips on the market have so much sodium, which is a leading factor of high blood pressure so here's my take.

Buy low fat tortilla chips cut them in eighths, so they resemble "chips" and toss them with my spice mix of turmeric, garlic powder, and paprika in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and bake at a high heat until golden and crispy.

OK the dip-- I use authentic Plain Greek yogurt and an a organic chipolte season blend and mix it up.

This is the result! Wonderful, Healthy and Delicious!
Now every is getting hungry what to do?
People like tacos so substitute ground beef with is saturated in fat with ground turkey serve on half a tortilla! Low fat Cheddar and Greek Yogurt instead of Sour Cream

Key trick when you serve in smaller portion people eat what is given and they do not over indulge.

For those who aren't into tacos, you can serve turkey burgers with the same chioplte sauce as the dip. Saves time and money.
Cheers to a Healthy Game Day!

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