Battle of the Luxury Discount Stores

Before Gilt, Rue La, La and Haute Look, there was and still are two major players in the discount luxury market.

Those two stores are Century 21 and Loehman's. For years while working in financial services, I use to save up, befriend the security guard who would tell me when the shipment of certain designers would come in and after work, to the flagship Century 21 store in lower Manhattan, talk about seventh heaven!

The deals I would get on Donna Karan, Tracy Reese, and Century 21 is not only clothing, they have travel section, and beauty products as well.

Now, on Long Island, you had Loheman's, which was the same in terms of designers, so they were on par with each other, certain times of the year don't go because it looked like a clothing zoo!

Fast forward today, Century 21 has expanded the beautiful store on the corner near Lincoln Center, which replaced the Barnes and Noble is elegant and they tell you when certain designers shipments are coming in, so no more winking at the security guard.

Loheman's now has several stores on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and has one step above Century 21, they even have a personal shopper, YES, a personal stylist that would help you pick out clothes for certain events and times of the year. WOW!!! And no more clothing zoo days!

So, based on the personal shopper aspect Loheman's and the absence of clothing zoo days, Loheman's you got my vote.

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