Book Nook: Keys Books for Inspiration

OK, by now you should know that not only do I love a good deal, like to workout, but I LOVE to read.

I can remember in elementary school, we had an annual book report contest, who could ever read and write quality book reports would win a medal at the end of the year. And it was always between my friend and I as to who be either first or second.

So, when I was stuck in a crossroads naturally I turned to books.

Two of these books are actual real life accounts of people who needed and decided to take action and live a better life.

1. Can I Get A Do Over?
Many people think that if I am not a millionaire by 25, it's over for me, but the reason why I love this book so much, is it shows people from every walk of life and from every economic condition from slavery to double digit inflation, who rose against the odds to create a wonderful life for themselves.

2. Failing Forward
Again this book has practical stories from the woman who created the Red Cross to Movie Studio Executives, when one road doesn't work out gotta try another or maybe several to get you to where your most happy and fulfilled.
3. Be A Miracle
We live in a very inward world, where everyone thinks about themselves, which is fine to a certain degree; however every once an a while just do something for someone else, I have found when I was at my lowest, I felt great when I did something, even if was to pass along an informative e-mail to someone else, just do something!
4. Four Agreements
I know the number four book is The Four Agreements, but the essential take away that I got from this book, DON'T TAKE THINGS PERSONAL! This is just so true, everyone has script and a script that they play about themselves, about people, and the world. The true key to happiness is not to get caught up in other people's psychosis.
 Happy and Peaceful Living!

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