Environmental Spotlight: Method Cleaning Products

OK, I like to clean, I am not a neat freak, but it does boost your mood to walk into a clean room.

Several years, I developed an severe reaction to "normal" cleaning products that were on the market, although the did the job, it left me with watery eyes, sneezing, and me have to air out the room because products was so chemically laden heavy.

One day, I am reading Inc. magazine and I read an article about "The Method Formula" environmental products that did the job without the harsh chemical scent and was good for the environment.

With an open mind I bought the anti- bacterial Toilet Bowl cleaner, great worked like a charm, then the all purpose cleaner, you know when you are wiping down the table after a meal, even more impressed, then I moved on the the glass cleaner, wood soap for the hard woods, and the shower cleaner.

All products are superior without having me have to leave the house after cleaning.

Even if you have someone clean your house, because most cleaning companies use products that are industrial strength. I highly suggest you offer them to use Method cleaning products. 

They are truly excellent and are in affordable price points. Of course you can check it out on my favorite site for household items soap.com.

Cheers! To a clean and sparkly living space.

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