Favorite Body Washes

One day, I read a dating article, and one recent trend that both men and women were complaining about was body hygiene of their dates, as I read the article further it specifically discussed the lack of showers, people are taking.

I know we are so lucky in the United States to live in a country, where there is clean running water and so many different body washes and products, we really shouldn't have this problem. 

So here are my favorite picks for body washes:

KORRES: This is an organic based product from Greece and it comes in wonderful scents, such as Guava, but after the gym you may want to try Basil & Lemon, it really cools as it refreshes a person.

Philosophy: Need a recipe for a Margarita? Well they have it on there bottle, it has great refreshing scent as well.
DOVE: Body Washes are GREAT! Especially for the winter months because they have a thicker consistency, that have built in moisturizers. My favorite scent is Coconut!

Those are my picks!

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