October's Focus: Fall for Beauty and Grace

Hello All,

Thanks for staying with us for another month, we appreciate your support!

October is a great month you are in the work groove, kids have settled in their routines, and it is also the time when we begin holiday planning. 

But, before we can plan one holiday dinner party or think to RSVP to something, we should take this month and concentrate on ourselves!

So, we have examined the best Basic Facial Cleansers, Deep Cleaning Facial Products, Body Washes, we even got Michael Sin, Co- Founder of Urban Cargo to give our gentlemen some fall/winter tips as well.

October is also the in between month because we've become lax in our pre-summer/summer body workouts, and most of us figure we'll hit the the gym "after" the holidays. So we are going to be pro- active and rate the best home DVD workouts.

It's football season, so we'll give our take on "Healthy Junk Food," for those who still need to have pizza and wings, we scoured NYC to find two great pizza places, then we headed over to the "Best Wing" Place in NYC.

In terms of shopping we took a break from click, click and checked out certain stores who carry high end designer fashions for less--Another battle.

Then we round out the month with booking your favorite holiday shows.

So stay tuned..lot's of excited things in this issue.

As always we are the Positivexpert!


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