Our Resident Male Grooming Expert: Gives Fall/Winter Grooming Advice

Once again, I caught up with the ever popular and busy, Michael Sin, Co-Founder of Urban Cargo, Male Grooming for his take on male grooming for the Fall and Winter.

The reason why I love Urban Cargo for Men is not only it is a male subscription site, with stand alone products for purchase, Michael and his team have curated the best boxes dedicated to shaving, body washes, and hair care, all at regular sizes.

OK, here is Michael advice fellas for these seasons:

"As the weather gets colder make sure you hydrate your skin."


The heat from the radiator and the elements reeks havoc on your skin.
1. Use body lotion for hands and feet as they get quite chapped.

2. AGAIN, remember to USE sunscreen or face moisturizer with SPF because UV rays are still a concern even though it is less sunny. Especially, important for those into winter sports as snow reflects the sun, so you need to take extra care of your skin.

3. Use lip balm, for lips so they don't get too chapped and start to bleed.

Here is the box that Michael curated that would solve these problems as well as prevent premature aging:

Thanks again Michael for your wonderful tips, please check out urbancargo.com for all of your male grooming needs.

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