Pay Your Tribute to Ole Broadway!

 The following is my pick for all ages to go and see a bit of Classic New York holiday shows, especially if you have out of town guests.
1. My first pick is The Lion King- The Lion King is a great production and a classic message for all age groups your kids as well as grandparents would love this show, especially if you are lucky enough to get orchestra seats.

2. Chicago- This play is great for when the ADULTS want to have night out, I know the movie has been made, but there is nothing like the Broadway version.

3.Wicked- Ever wanted to know how the wicked witch became WICKED? This is an amazing production the colors, lighting, storyline, just a great play for all ages and it is NOT scary.

4. Phantom of the Opera- There is no wonder why this has been Broadway's longest running show, amazing production, storyline and for teens and adults this gets my vote.

5. Annie! Annie is back, this was my very first Broadway play when I was 7, every person should see this play it is just amazing!

I know the prices of plays can strain one's financial budget, there is TKTS and

So get out from shopping, you don't always have to entertain at HOME! Your guests will love the thought!

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