Silence is Golden!

Are you ever tempted to "let some one have it!" or in the middle of an heated argument "tell someone off!" 

You feel GREAT afterwards, because you finally let someone have it!

The one thing that I've learned is that words cannot be taken back, and they are truly the fuel behind the great conflicts and misunderstandings, loss of time, and missed opportunities.

So, when someone has offended us, or you think they have offended you, take three steps:
1. Is what they say true?
2. What is the real meaning behind their actions?
3. Is it really worth responding?

We live in an age of great uncertainty and people are in constant fear of losing homes, parents, children, health, retirement accounts, etc.

So, instead of us reacting to someone else's negativity, let us remain silent, when they are espousing anger and hatred. Let's us remain in peace, while everyone is losing it, and let us think of creative ways to solve problems, without causing additional harm to others.

Let's us practice silence for at least 5 min. a day.

In Peace!!   

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