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The Beauty Spot 
 Nature’s Secrets:

Clean Shave: Men or Women
Apply a layer of olive oil to the area, wait for 2 min, the apply a layer of regular shaving cream and immediately, use a Gilette razor, and shave the area. After the shave the pores are open and will require a layer of aloe gel to soothe inflamed areas.

Soft Hand and Foot Scrub:
Mix 1 part olive oil to one part jojoba oil
Add organic sugar
Mix your favorite essential oils- Lavender, rose, lemon, patchouli until it is a paste consistency.
Once the paste is set then, use as a hand or foot wash. To make it an anti-bacterial product add witch hazel, which does not dry out the skin.

Foot Soak:
Take warm water in a basin
Put your favorite essential oil—peppermint and lavender is always great.  Soak feet for 20 min.
After the soak, take wet feet and a callous remover to scrape bottom of feet with it, use soft Soft Hand and Foot Scrub, rinse, and spray with witch hazel, refreshing any time of the year.
For an extra treat heat for 5 secs—lotion in microwave after soaking and scrubbing.

Manicure essentials
Cuticle Sticks- Cuticles should never be cut, but pushed backed
Callous remover- Great for the feet
Nail clipper- Clip nails when dry and clean
Nail Polish- Discard nail polish after every season, chemically it is designed to decompose at 6 months. Old product causes nail damage.
Making a mani/pedi last- choose metallic colors, they always last for one week.
Use household gloves when washing dishes and doing household chores.
Always use a base coat when applying nail color.
Avoid Nail Damage:
Remove nail polish after 4 days, allow the nails to breathe without product for two days, then do mani/pedi.

Here are a few resources to get you going!

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