The Beauty Spot: Facial Cleasners

Remember that nursery school song: "This how we wash our face, wash our face, early in the morning."

So, I dated myself, before we go to the spa or put on any makeup, we should start with the good basic facial cleanser.

For the past several months I've been on a quest to find "absolute" best basic facial product. I've come up with a few:

Philosophy: Mircodermabsion Wash, it is very gentle, but provides great exfoliation, and it is mild enough, so you can use it on a daily basis. It can be bought at
Then I have heard so much about Khiel's products that decided to try it: The texture of this product is creamy and you only have to use about a dime size of the product. But, it does the trick, my skin did feel great. Back to this line in sec...

The last, basic skin cleanser was Neutrogena's foaming face wash, in Pink Grapefruit. I can honestly say, I was impressed! My face felt clean and refreshed. Sorry no PIC!

After a hard week's of work and other activities, you need a product that gets to the core and digs deep. I found that Khiel's Deep Pore Cleansing Products works wonders! It is is a mask so you  need ten minutes of QT- Quiet Time to wonderful skin.

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