The Best Celebrity Clothing Lines

OK, so by now I have wear and have worn just about every type of designer at any price point.

So its the trend with major celebs come out with their "fashion" lines" for the "normal" person. After several months I have come across the following lines that are worth it.

The former fashion model turned business mogul. I have a animal print  A- line dress that she created for this season, which is so well made, it is full lined the bodice is close and the skirt is full, but the detail of the sequin trim around the skirt; which is so subtle can take you day to evening.
It was a gift, so I don't know how much but you can check her out on

Jennifer Lopez-
I know "On the Sixth" Jenny from the block.  The reason why I chose her is because I bought a caftan (with my bank points!) and it was black and silver and it looked and felt AMAZING! It also held up to several washings in my correct size, so there was no shrinkage. Someone asked me if I bought this at  Barney's. No it was actually on Clearance at Kohl's! So funny.

Miss Tina-
I save the best for last, I remember a couple of years of ago, one of my sisters bought me stylish black top with a draw string, I wore that thing to the point where I couldn't wear it anymore and I received great compliments. This top that I loved was a $12.00 special from Walmart. Since, then I have bought Miss Tina's clothing and the run true to size and they do not shrink after wearing. Her line has everything from fashion tops, to jumpsuits, to tops with accessories. And it does not look cheap.

One last item, I know it is not clothing, but for a wonderful Fall Scent you should check out SHINE by Heidi Klum, it is wonderfully woodsy, yet feminine.

Those are my picks, mix it up a bit! You can enjoy your Gucci pants, with a Miss Tina top and Prada bag and still look GREAT!

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