The Best Home Work Out

After several hundreds of wasted dollars, I decided to never get a gym membership, its a waste of time and money for me.

So I explored several options:

I checked into PX90 but it was really complicated and you need to buy weights and everything

Then, I thought about Zumba my sister's friend wanted to try it out, but then as a saw a infomerical for it, I figured for me it was like dancing so, pay money when I can dance for free.

Until one day, I was flipping the channels and saw a beautiful Hawaiian background, and a guy that looked like a Greek God doing exercises.

So, for a week I workout with my Greek God and I saw results, so I went to and bought the Basic DVD and it worked wonders! 

My recommendation for the Best Home Work Out is: Body by Gilad.

Absolutely great results!

Here's to a great healthy bod!

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