The Best NYC Pizza

NYC is the one of the culinary capital's of the world. We have the best bagels, knishes, deli's, and of course pizza!

In fact my brother in law from Georgia would make a special trip, just so he can get his "slice."

Over the years, many pizza places have come and gone, some were stand out for a long time such as Ray's Pizza. But the two pizza places that are really wonderful for great reasons are a legend and a newcomer to NYC.

The legend is Patsy's in the West Village, the pizza is coal oven baked, leaving the crust nice and crispy, the sauce is GREAT--homemade and fresh, and the cheese is also homemade, it is so worth it, every once at a while! The pepperoni is great as well not too spicy, but also fresh.

The newcomer is Wolfgang Puck?!! I know from Spago's in Beverly Hills to world class pizza. His pizzas are amazing from his vegetarian pizza, I love the caramelized onions, with mushrooms, and pesto with fontina cheese, amazing! Then there is the veggie pizza with garden fresh vegetables with mozzarella. Totally Delish!

You can find Wolfgang's Pizza at the Food Court at the newly opened Aqueduct Casino, it's worth the venture to Queens, plus you may get lucky at the slots!

Cheers to wonderful eats!

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