Ways to Boost Immunity: Go to Sleep!

We all do a lot!

Most of us who live in NYC are up at 4:30am out by 7:00am and sitting at a desk or in a meeting by 9:00am then we work for a min. of 8 hours, then we go to business or social events, and by the time we make it to our child's performance, we are falling asleep, praying not to snore too loud!

This is the same for our children, one day my niece read me her weekend schedule which included 4 hours of dance, 5 hours of Chinese language school instruction, and a min. of 6 hours of homework for both schools, a breakfast date with her BFF, and church on Sunday.

And this was a schedule of a 16 year old.

Personally, I can remember going to my doctor and falling asleep on the examining table, as he awoke me, I asked if I had anemia, or if my liver or heart was functioning properly, maybe it was sign of diabetes. 

He laughed and reassured my that I just had my physical last week and the blood work was perfect. However, he did tell me to boost my immunity, to go home and do what exactly, what I was doing on the examining table and SLEEP!

He also told me that most people who develop severe diseases and mental conditions such as anxiety and depression and weight gain, do so because they don't get enough sleep. Sleep is the body's ways of repairing cellular damage that was done through out the day and without proper sleep all kinds of  serious ailments can occur.

So, before you drink 12 gallons of Orange Juice to ward off  "flu season," take a moment and detox from tech and people. And GO to SLEEP!

See ya in REM Dream land!

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