August Beauty Finds: Kai Body Polish

We have been going through summer and we found a splurge item which is Kai Body Scrub.

Kai Body Products has been the craze by A- listers for a long time. We were a bit skeptical but it tried it and...

Compared to Fresh Body Scrub, and Carol's Daughter, Kai Body Scrub is a great body product.

It is great because it is a blend of fine sugar and salt and it has a light fragrance. I used it to exfoliate first, then I use a body wash then exfoliate again.

The consistency is of a paste, so I can exfoliate twice without it being overbearing in terms of being too harsh and some scrubs have way too much oil; however Kai got it right on the formula of fragrance, consistency and blend of sugar and salt it brilliant.

You can use your favorite perfume after you finished showering or bathing.

So our August Beauty Find: Kai Body Polish!

Cheers to great skin with Kai!!

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