Fall 2013 Fashion Trends

We've been listening and watching what would be the newest or oldest fall trends.

As predicted:
Metallic Hues: Will be big trend from pewter, silver, gold; however they once were considered to be for the evening are now for the day.

Denim: Is also making a comeback, but in an elegant way from crop jackets, to structured dresses, as well as the shirt dresses,  the designers are making the items to be worn from day to night pieces.

Boot Cut Jeans: So long skinny jeans, boot cuts are coming back in a big way, with more traditional dark rinses--easy to transition from day to night.

Animal Prints: I always did keep a something leopard in my closet, but again we are going to see a resurgence of them as well.

Hats are cool as well, Vintage ladies hats circa 1940's in fabrics from felt, to wool, to wool blend to cashmere.

Beauty Trends:
We are still going to see loads of nail art, nail art isn't going anywhere, but more subtle colors such as pinks, nudes, and grays for the workplace.

Masks are not going anywhere in fact that is the leading beauty staple in all of Asia. They are the pioneers in that area.

As for hair-- I am keeping my ears open...

Cheers to a great Fall '13!!!


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