Back to School Prep for Your Kids

Yes, I know it is the first week in August, and I hope you are having an "Easy Breezy Summer;"

However the reality we need to start slowly introducing a back to school routine to our kids before the week before school starts and the first day of school your child is falling asleep in class.

Here are ways you can slowly get your child into a Back to School routine:

1. Start bed time routine an hour earlier every night. So if they are use to going to bed at 10pm, start now getting them ready at 9pm, if bed time is 9pm once again start bedtime at 8pm, even if they stare at the ceiling when the go to bed, at least they are in bed at a normal time.

2. Limit friends and families coming over to once a week. Children get extremely stimulated, so let them see their cousins as a special event, rather than an every day event. I know some of us are expected to entertain for business reasons; however you can throw one big party at the end of summer for business associates.

3. Start going over school work with them, most schools I know give homework packets over the summer, have to make them accountable.

4. If you do have a summer home, start making trips less often, go only on weekends, once again you are limiting their stimulation--especially important for children with ADHD and easily distracted children. Also, this would reintroduce them to their familiar areas, they won't feel disoriented if you just came home from the summer house or a European vacation, then the next week they had to go to school.

5. Start now by making appointments for doctor's visits-- most schools won't allow you to re--enter if the doctor's notes are not current for the school year.

6. Now, kids grow very fast so one week before school starts you can take them to get measured for their uniforms, most uniform companies are familiar with this and have same day service.

So by doing this now it will save you time and less frustration trying to them into a routine August 25!

Cheers to Back to School Prep!!!!


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