Time to schedule Your Semi- Annual Check Up!

Most doctor's will tell you all you need is an annual check up and you'll be fine!

However, Spring/Summer is when all the hormones get out of control, in every age range, not just teenagers anymore, it is also the time come fall when people head back home from the Hamptons, or Vermont, or back to LA from Napa, where the 4 H's are prevalent-- Heartbreak, Herpes, HIV, and HPV.

Before heading back out to work:
1. Make an appointment with your OB-GYN and get tested for everything! Including HIV, Herpes, HPV, Hepatitis B and C, everything! If you are over 40 get another breast exam, especially if you are high risk.

2.Make an appointment with your general practitioner- Summer BBQ's do have a way of putting on the pounds, etc. also check for liver, thyroid, cholesterol, A1C- Marker for Diabetes, etc.

3. Make an appointment with a good therapist- If you did have one of summer flings that everyone warned you about and now you are devastated. Talk to a licensed counselor who can help you sort out the reason you made poor choice in the love area.

4. Do an inventory on the charitable organizations and Fall Galas you want to attend, just because you get invited, doesn't mean you have to attend.

5. Make an appointment with a qualified job counselor or go to your alumni's office, if you are still out of work. Fall is the time when everyone comes back to work and most hiring decisions are made between Oct. and the first week of Nov.

Cheers to great results on your Semi- Annual Check Up!!!


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