Diffusers are Just as Effective

We just did an article about candle safety; however it is still very hot outside, and do we want to create additional heat by using candles for aromatherapy?

I did a bit of research and I found out that diffusers are the safest product in terms of aromatherapy, certain candles only have a 50 hour burn time for the entire duration of the candle.

I purchased two diffusers of my favorite scents Moss and Mint, and Wasabi Pear from Nest Fragrances this did have a steep price tag of 35.00 each, however it is well worth it because it lasts 90 days and the bottle is wonderfully crafted.

Also, when I walk into a room instantly I am greeted with a great scent, however it is not overpowering and you don't have to worry about candle safety.

So, for anytime my choice for aromatherapy are diffusers, the higher quality diffuser the better.

Cheers to aromatherapy and safety!!

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