Last Quarter Assessment

We are moving into the last quarter of the year. Have you achieved any of the goals that you set out in the beginning of the year?

Here is a check list to ensure that you remain on track for the rest of the year:

1. Finances:
Do I keep a daily journal of all of expenses?
Have a sought a higher paying job or done freelance work to generate more income?
Did I look into programs that offer loan forgiveness if I were to switch careers?
Have I really started to save, some people only live off of 60 percent of their income the rest they put into savings.
Have I cut back on the deals clubs and flash site sales?

2. Career:
Am I in a career that uses all of my skills and talents?
Do I feel that I need a certification in my area to improve my skill set or future employment opportunities?
Have I set realistic goals for myself in terms of skill set and what I think I want in life. Just because everyone is starting a business, or going into Web 2.0 doesn't mean that you should as well.

3. Relationships:
Are my relationships improving?
Have I learned to let go of certain things in the past.
Do I accept people for who they are?
My mother is the biggest news junkie there is and it is not going change, so MSNBC if you ever need a correspondent, please contact me!
Can you be happy for people who have wronged you in the past?
I know I had a lot of work to do in this area, but it is amazing when you free yourself through forgiveness.
Are you humble?
No one likes arrogance in anyone, in fact some of the most accomplished people I have met are the most humble people. Humble people acknowledge their mistakes and are quick to apologize and offer an olive branch.

4. Health and Beauty:
Am I at least doing 30 min. of some type of exercise a day?
Am I going to my medical doctors appointments?
Am I eating proper foods-- increase lean plant based protein and veggies.
Am I getting enough rest?
Do I keep up a standard daily/weekly beauty routine?

OK, you have the check list now get to working, we all can end 2013 with Greatness..

Cheers to the last quarter of 2013!!


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