M.M. La Fleur- Company Spotlight

A few weeks ago Bauble Bar Pop- Up Shop in NYC had a wonderful event, where a new, yet great company was featured.

The company is M.M. La Fleur- the  company's clothing are luxury meets practicality. The clothing line will take you from your corporate job to a cocktail party, which is what most working girls need.

Also, if you sign up on there website, they will send you a wonderfully curated look book, so you can pick and choose your pieces, which is common for most luxury designers.

Something really worth considering with M. M. La Fleur- they have a contest where you can nominate the intern within your company, female of course and at the end of the contest, they will choose the best intern story and send her a custom dress.

They have a customer for life with me, because I remember my "interning" days and at the end of the internship, you had to pray for a recommendation, so congrats to M.M. La Fleur for going the extra mile and recognizing the hard work of interns.

Kudos M.M. La Fleur!!!

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