Please, Thank- You and I Apologize

It amazes me how much of a self - absorbed society we live in, when everyone wants to get ahead and stomp all over each other and we only want to be associated with people who can do or make us look better.

However, one of the major truth's that I know is when you treat everyone from the janitor to the CEO with the same high level of respect, magic begins to happen in your life.

One day I was working on a side project and I really had a great time speaking to the customer service professionals, I use to do customer service and it is the most overlooked and thankless job, but for two weeks, I had so much fun connecting and thanking people, who in normal course of a day, would never hear "thank you" or "please."

The more we take time to honor people who we will never see walk a run way or a red carpet, the more enriched our lives become. We would actually enter the race of humanity, where kindness and compassion live. Some people need a life altering event to examine their ways, I suggest don't wait for that to happen.

Many people in the religious, social entrepreneurship and charitable professions believe that by helping others, you must perform a great task, or give thousands of dollars, that will get you temporary fame, until the next donor makes a more lofty contribution. Helping others how we treat those who will never see us or remember our names, but they would remember the validation and compassion they felt when you left them.

Remember that words change lives and words can save people lives if we just practice saying: Please, Thank- You and I Apologize.

Cheers to a Better World!

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