Real World Savings

It is fall time and we are going back to school and work, but we don't want to rack up any debt.

How do you do that when everything new seems so tempting. I discovered a couple of websites and apps that would help you with your budget, no matter your income level.

1. ShopKick app- You do have to download the app to make use of the discounts. This app is wonderful because it rewards you for going into a brick and mortar store, some stores include Target- great for the Phillip Lim collection, Create and Barrel, etc. Check them out, my nephew and niece did and scored really big.

2. Retail Me Knot-
This is a website with over a dozen codes for you to do your online shopping with, everything from Kohl's, Target, Macy's, etc.

This website is dedicated for tracking electronic purchases and low you should pay for something.

4. Shopping Outlets:
Many shopping outlets have major deals on Labor Day and  major Holidays, you should check them out, on top of the already discounted merchandise, they do give additional coupons when you go to certain stores. I went a couple of years ago and was able to buy over 1500.00 worth of designer bags for under 200.00.

5. Baskin- Robbins- 2 for one Deals
All kids and adults love ice- cream. You can treat your family to great sundaes on certain days many Baskin Robbins will have buy one get one free deals, So a family of four can get 4 two scoop sundaes with one topping for the price of 2, which is around 6.95 depending on your state.

6. Health Clubs Discounts-
If you have a medical condition that requires you to workout, hence obesity, most insurances will pay for your health club membership. Also most employers if you sign up through their wellness programs will pay not only pay for health club membership, but they will pay for you to go to Weight Watchers. Check into your insurance and HR departments for details.

7. Flowers:
I love flowers we all do especially nice full arrangements, but most florist are very expensive, so for your weekly bouquet go to a grocery store or drug store like Walgreens or CVS and use your reward cards for the savings.

8. Aromatherapy:
Love aromatherapy and scents are so good for relaxation, however are you going to spend over 200.00 for a luxury brand candle? Nest Fragrances made a lower price point candle for Target called MELT, which is amazing! Citrus and Basil is my favorite for 12.95 you can purchase them online.

9. GMA- Wednesday Deals with Tory Johnson
Every Wednesday, you should go to the GMA website and literally wait for her segment, because the savings you get on things are amazing!

Money Courses:
Suppose you need help in money and budgeting. but can't afford a financial planner.
Again some excellent resources from two money experts are:

1. Jean Chatsky: She is the Money Editor for the Today Show and has been on every morning show for the past 20 years.

Jean has a 30 day course called Money Rules for free!, where she will teach you her principles for earning a decent living, saving and protecting your money, and spending wisely.
2. David Bach: He is excellent in this arena as well, if you go to his website, you can actually download a book that he wrote for free!
No matter the income level you should educate yourself on making, protecting, and spending wisely.

Cheers to great resources and great deals!!!!

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