Relaxation 101: Tips to De- STRESS

As Summer winds down, we can feel the tension inch up a little, as we prepare for our jobs, prepare our kids for school.

So here are the ways, which I found to be effective in terms of DE- Stressing:

1. Take Deep Breathes-
Sounds simple right, but my personal trainer had me do this while working on the epliticial  and he also had me wear a heart rate monitor, as I took deep breaths, my heart rate dramatically decreased to a normal level. Then, he told me to talk about something that was annoying me, when I did heart rate went back up!
There is a reason that Lamaze technique of childbirth is based on deep breathing!

2. Aromatherapy-
By now you know I love candles. Candles or scents with a citrus base are known to reduce tension.
After a busy day I light my candles!

3. Anticipate as Much as You Can-
If you know you have a big project to work on when you get back to work, strategize on ways to delegate, plan ahead any unforeseen obstacles, read and re-read contracts, and set up in advance meetings with key team members.

4. Laugh as Much as You Can-
Find humor appropriate humor in the little things. It can be very helpful and therapeutic.

5. Deal only with the Essentials!
If you are on a job, you need to deal with job related issues, same for your immediate family, but if you have friends or non-immediate family members that drain you, then you need to place some distance, or just ignore them completely!

6. Focus on What Brings You Joy!
If your children bring you joy focus on that, if planning a romantic fall weekend with your hubby brings you joy focus on that.

7. Surrender What You Have No Control Over!
If you have applied for several jobs, then don't get uneasy about the outcome whatever you put out in purity always comes back to you for the best!

8. Create a Time Out for Yourself!
Kids need time outs, so do adults. Tell people please don't call me after 8pm on weeknights and mean it and don't answer the phone until the next morning. Set boundaries and limits with people and they will learn to respect you and your time.

Cheers to the best Fall ever!!

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