Strategic Volunteering

I was listening to a call about the important of doing sales for your business or being a salesperson to even find a job.

The facilitator mentioned she goes to conferences that is her bullet- proof way to meet strategic people, while they are there for a specific goal.

Conferences are a great way to meet people in your field, however if not her who already has a multi- million dollar business, what do you do?

Easy, volunteer for that specific conference in your city. This fall from mid- Sept. to beginning of Nov. is conference season, so when you have identified your needs--jobs, business leads, even a producer for your film, then place a call to see if they need volunteers.

Based on the organization, you would have to fill out an application and attend an orientation. Also, you will need to really adhere to the policies, you will meet the right people even it is one person, but if you do a good job, then the conference organizers wouldn't mind introducing you to the right people.

In fact, I know of one person who wanted to start a non-profit, but she didn't want to exhaust her network, so she strategically made a list of organizations that are in line with her organization's goals and volunteered at the conferences. Result: The connections she made through volunteering she was able to secure an influential board member.

You can write to speakers before hand and tell them that you will be at the conference and if during a break, you would like 5 min. of their time. This is essential because breaks are usually 10-15 min. and you should have your pitch down to 20 seconds.

So, if you are going to volunteer then you should have a strategy and professionalism goes a long way!

Cheers to productive and strategic volunteering!!

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