The Best Times to Go Shopping

You go into a supermarket or department stores and you walk out because it is so crowded.

What do you?
The best times to go shopping are:
Target: 20 minutes after opening at 8:30am, especially for returns the staff is the most alert.
Kohl's: Same for thing 20 minutes after opening at 8:30 am
Department Stores such as
The same always 20 min. after initial opening except on major holidays. Why?
1. All of the staff have been prepped about store policies, new items have been put out, and people function at their peak in the morning. ( All surgeries except for emergency room are done between the hours of 8:30 - 12pm)

The best time to go to supermarkets is not Sat. morning but at 12pm. Reason many stores re-stock all the merchandise from the morning rush at 11:30 - 11:45am, so at 12pm is when you get the same sale prices all new and restocked.

Woodbury Commons is one of the greatest outlets, I have been to and the majority of the sales occur during the Thanksgiving and Post Christmas rush.
When is the best time to go?
Thanksgiving Night! Yes, some stores are open Thanksgiving Night from 6pm to midnight, then they reopen at 4:00am.

So those are a few tips about the best times to go shopping and don't forget to download those apps!

Cheers to stress free shopping!


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