Treats for Tea Time

Last month everyone was speaking in an British accent as they waited for the newest royal.

There is one tradition in the UK that I like and that is "tea time."

Here are some "sweet treats" for your tea time.

1. Rich Brownie Cupcakes with crumbled bacon.
The mix that I used is Girhardelhi double chocolate follow the directions on the box, then put the mix into the cupcake liners. This is a very rich mix so I had to cut the sugar content, so I crisped up bacon and crumbled it on top. Everyone said it was amazing!

2. Apple Carmel Cake:
We are coming into the Fall Season so it would be fitting to make something that represent fall. I used a plain vanilla cake mix with apple filling that I mixed with a cinnamon, brandy and brown sugar, I poured the apple mixture over the top of the cake and bake the cake for 45 min.
When the cake cooled I drizzled caramel sauce over the cake and let it sit until served.

3. You can't be invited to tea without have something in the lemon family.
Again, I used plain vanilla cake mix with a juice for 4 freshly squeezed lemons and let that bake, when the cake was cooled I frosted the cake with lemon icing, then I sliced 2 lemons and put that over the cake. This cake was completely refreshing, as I was told.

What to do with the leftovers?
Go to Michael's the Nationwide Craft Store and in the baking department, they have pastry boxes, of course you would have to assemble them, but it is a nice way to package the leftover treats for your guests.

Cheers to Sweet Treats for your "Spot of Tea!"

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