What is Intimacy?

As we were reviewing our articles over the year, we noticed the lowest view was our article on intimacy.

Then we did a search on the word intimacy and what we discovered is that intimacy is now defined as something that is purely sexual or that of a sexual nature.

We took it one step further by comparing the definition of intimacy in the 80's to now, what a difference!

So what is intimacy?

Our balanced point of view is intimacy is the sharing of thoughts and space between two people in a committed relationship.

When you are intimate with someone you are actually allowing them to enter your world and you can only do that through communication. And texting, IM'ing and e-mailing, even calling is not real communication.

Real communication is the ability to look a person in the eye and express yourself, it is the ability to be in the same room and do different things but still feel and appreciate the person's presence. In our hurried world it is a shame that we have teach adults how to communicate, when they are in a marriage.

You should have spent enough time with your significant other to know if this person is a right for you to spend your life entire life.

Communication is not lust either, I think both men and women when they first meet each other should really communicate with each other before the bedroom, this saves a lot of heartache and catching some disease in the end.

Make a time commitment with your future spouse to face to face communicate with each other everyday, I am sure the divorce rate will dramatically be reduce if more people were to invest in authentic communications.

Cheers to real intimacy!

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