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Getting Ready for the New Year: Nails

Now that Family Holidays are over, and we are looking to party, here is $21.00 that is worth spending.

We went to our local drug store:

1. Revlon's:
Chameleon color is great is glistens it has a great shine to it with gold, bronze, and green overlays. This will compliment any dress or any jumpsuit.

2. Sally Hensen's Double Duty:
This is a great top coat in that it gives a great shine and if you want a great base coat when you are not using a nail pigment, this is a great base coat.

3. Cuticle Trimmer:
If you go to salon's please bring your own cuticle trimmer. This is a great investment, push back cuticle trimmer is great and won't damage your cuticles.

So, this is how we can get into the Spirit of the New Year.

Positivexpert's 2014 Realizations

2014 was one heck of a learning experience for us, here are our life realizations:

1. People with Class or NO Class:
When it comes to people we realized that class has NO race, ethnicity or income level.

2. Happiness:
Rich and poor people are unhappy. Happiness is a state of mind not bank account statement.
We had so much fun extreme couponing as well attending Spa Events at The Plaza.

3. Giving and Receiving:
Giving is awesome and leaves us feeling great that we made a difference in someone else's life; however there comes a time when the giver must RECEIVE, be open to receive all what life has to offer.

4. Cut Your Losses Early:
When it comes to investing your time in people or business deals, if you get a negative feeling about anyone or anything, get out of the situation as soon as possible. It's good to be positive but when someone sabotages your first assignment, then get out as soon as possible.

5. Mind Your Business:
Only if you are an eyewitness to something, THEN SAY some…

Designer Spotlight: Luke Swanson: Tripty

We caught up with the San Francisco based designer Luke Swanson, amid his busy schedule to tell us about his unique fashion line Tripty.

Tripty is a wonderful fashion line that is made by artisan women of Bangladesh, I had the pleasure of seeing the wonderful line at a fashion presentation sponsored by Fashion Group International, the global trade association of all fashion designers, textile makers, buyers, and press.

Tripty  designs can be found at purchased at Luke's holiday picks for us are Kantha Quilts. The quilts are made of Upcycled Saari and are individually designed and stitched by rural artisan women. Kantha means "story" in Bangla and these items truly carry with them the unique personality of the artisan who created it the garment. They are also wonderfully colorful so they make a wonderful addition to any living space. For those looking for something smaller, however, we have a variety of small clutches, which are perfect as a stocking stuffer.

DIY: Sugar, Lavender and Coconnut Scrub

Many people especially pregnant women suffer from a form of high blood pressure.

I recently made for myself a wonderful sugar scrub

It is the following:

1. 4 cups Demerrara Sugar
2. 1 cup Virgin Coconut Oil
3. 1 drop Lavender Oil (Pick Up Essential Oils from any Whole Foods)

Blend til a paste consistency and store in an air tight container, til ready to use.

The result are amazing and wonderful for your skin and body.

Cheers to taking good care of your skin!

The Winning Combination: Rose Hip Oil and Tory Burch Fragrance

We are easing our stress levels this month and scents always, put me in a wonderful state.

We tried Rose Hip Oil from Marilyn Spas, use it just after you have stepped out of the shower massage it into your skin for a good glisten.

The scent will put you pack to sleep. However, just when you are getting ready to put on your clothing the most light floral scent is Tory Burch.

The combination of the Rose Hip Oil and the Rollerball scent of Tory Burch fragrance will have you in a relaxed state for the rest of the day.

Completely amazing in terms the combination and the Rose Hip Oil is great for circulation.

So when you think scents go light and you will always be in a relaxed state.

Cheers to smelling and de-stressing at the same time!

Achieving the Nude or Non- Make Up Look

This is going to be the craze for a while so we decided to play around with make up to achieve that NUDE look.

1. After you cleanse and use sunscreen

2. Cheeks- We used Tarte Amazon Clay Blush-

3. Eyes- Soft line of liquid eyeliner, then a gold/bronze eye shadow, curl the lashes.

4. Lip- We used a touch of concealer and a nude lip gloss this happened to be Charlotte Ronson

The results we subtle yet amazing!

We loved the look...Using products that we already have!

Cheers to the non-make-up look!

Beauty Fix: Aloe Plant

Many women are known to have acne, sunburn, or even a simple cut.

Nature's best cure for any burns, even burns that occur in the salon if you have had any chemically treated hair is the gel from the aloe plant.

This is nature's true secret and it can be found in ethnic particularly Latin American stores.

I did have a terrible bout with acne this summer and powders just masked the problem until I stumbled upon this wonder plant.

Every time I would wash my face, cut a piece of aloe and use the gel as a toner. The properties within the plant calmed the inflammation of the break out.

Also, I used it when I got sunburned, amazingly cooling effect, but it works.

Even when you get your waxing, you should use this to reduce the inflammation.

And yes people get acne in the winter.

Cheers to nature's beauty and the wonder plant to reduce inflammation!

Don't Wait for New Year's: Start on Goals NOW

Many people wait until New Years Day to start on the goals for 2015.

However, if you begin the practice NOW, when January, 2015 comes you will be well ahead of your goals.

Career Assessment:
Thinking about a new career or launching a business. Book an appointment with a licensed career counselor NOW and attend the sessions from now.
Thinking about launching a business, there are still pitch sessions available with major entrepreneurial VC backed accelerators or attend there Christmas parties, or other alumni groups other than your own school.

I now eat at least one super food a day. I prepare my own foods, from baking to making juices. And I now mediate at least 15- 20 min. a day. And I am very aware of my environment and what I bring to the table. What you put out in the world is what you get back. If you put out timidity and weakness, you will get the biggest sharks and abusers in your life. If you put out confidence not arrogance then you get people who will understand and …

Where to Go to De- Stress this Season

We were fortunate enough to be invited to amazing spa events this past week.

Everyone talks about Holiday Stress, but sometimes you have to actually go some place calming to de stress.

The spa events that we attended were:

Caudalie NYC at The Plaza Hotel:
The premise of Caudalie is all there products are wine based and that the compounds found in red wine are ideal for beauty. So, did our experience constituent a return visit? As soon as you enter the doors of Caudalie, you are greeted  by a wonderful person man or woman with a great smile, and ushered into a large waiting room that is dimly lit and of course they serve 1/8 of a glass of white or red wine. You are then taken away to your spa treatment, which ladies Auggie the Chilean God of Massage will take out every kink in your body, in a warm and gentle way. However, if stressed book an massage with Auggie at Caudalie NYC at the Plaza it will change your life.

Exhale Spa Upper East Side:
Museums, Central Park, intimate cafes, the pe…

Beauty Fix: Coconut Oil

Many people have made claims about coconut oil. It is the wonder oil or super food.

So I wanted to know if this claim was true or not, so I bought organic coconut oil and for a couple weeks I used it instead of lotion or any night creams.

Is it greasy and will it may your face shine?
Absolutely not, it is truly nature's best oil. My skin is soft and has a healthy glow and you cannot see me a mile away, so it will not make your face shine.

Does it work well with makeup?
It does work well with any makeup and with any brand of makeup.

Will I smell like coconut all day long?
What is so great about coconut oil is that it does not clash with any perfume, so you can where your preferred scent with it and no one will know that you moisturized with coconut oil.

We love organic coconut oil. It is nature's best remedy for dry skin.

Mix Media Dressing for the Holidays

What does mix media dressing mean?

Well, it is a term that I invented it mean mixing styles, fabrics and colors to create a cohesive but one of a kind look.

Look number one:

Vintage poncho sweater
Vegan Leather Pants
High Heel Booties
Headpiece jewelry

Look number two:
White Flare Pants
Black bolero jacket
Peach  Turtleneck
High heel Peach Floral Shoes

Look number three:
Metallic Sarong
Metallic Tights
Cashmere Black Body Suit
Black Patent Leather Shoes

Get the picture take what you have from different seasons and era's and put your own spin on it, that is what mix media dressing is that won't have you look like a clown.


Fashion Fix: Was Black Friday Worth It?

Many cynics would say Black Friday Deals are a farce and a way to make you go into debt.

After looking online for the best deals and in between baking and prepping for my holiday party, the critics were so wrong!

The best Black Friday Deals that I happen to get:

1. Macy's:
5 Soft texture turtlenecks in a variety of colors from sky blue, camel, white, gray, and peach all for 9.99 each the quality is amazing.
But, that's not all I got 3 cowl neck sweaters for the cold winter months for 14.99
A head piece of pearls and rhinestones for 6.99
And vegan leather pants for 23.00 take an additional 15 percent off.

So, to brighten up my wardrobe with pops of color and be weather appropriate all this for 100.00.


2. Sephora
Sephora had the best gifts out:
Art of Shaving Kit was 10.00 normally 25.00
Chole Travel Size perfumes were 15.00 for 2 bottles

3. Ulta
Bare Minerals Eye Shadows 5 for 15.00
Tarte 12 days of Christmas was 37.00 for full size products including there amazing …

Weekly Holiday Detox

Most of us wait for the after the holidays to do the detox and start to eat healthy and get our sanity back.

But after seeing the scale last year go not in the direction that I would want, I figured out a way to detox during the holiday season.

1. Every morning drink 1 cup of  hot lemon water.

2. Exercise every day even if you walk on the treadmill for 30 min. at the gym, do you know that trying to go to certain classes, and get a specific workout regimen in heightens anxiety and raises blood pressure.

3. Drink a green juice every other day or 3x a week.

4. When you do go holiday shopping schedule time to take in the scenery-- the holiday lights in NYC are amazing or if you are going mall shopping-- go to a mall where you can go to dine-in restaurant.

5. Don't go to holiday parties 2 or 3 days in a row.
6. Laugh even at yourself at all times.

Cheers to a wonderful detoxing holiday season!

Exclusive Interview with Sandra Maguarian--Co-Founder Make Up Expos

The world of beauty expands and is one of the markets that has proven to whether economic recessions,  having attended the first Make Up New York expo in 2010, and since it's amazing growth this year, we were honored to interview the Co- Founder of the regional "Make- UP" expos, Sandra Maguarian.

Ms. Maguarian is based in Paris, France and she came from an event planning background after doing careful market analysis of the beauty market she noticed a trend, everything the beauty market was becoming more concentrated so she and her Co- Founder came up with regional beauty expos that would target the product, packaging, and innovation of beauty products.

What makes Make-Up expos different from other larger conferences and expos?
Our expos meets the demands of founders who wanted to go beyond the traditional international faire model and innovate to bring optimal service to clients and exhibitors in a more intimate setting.
The major reason why our regional expos work, …

Fashion Fix: Adding color into Your Winter Wardrobe

If you live in the NYC everyone is in black, dark brown or some dark color till now until March.

Here our take on punching up your wardrobe with color.

Wine color sweaters: add a coral tank underneath with coral and orange earrings, works every time.

Black sweaters and turtlenecks: Bright yellow earrings and bracelets, with bright yellow nails.

Winter White: Pale pink, baby blue, and for the evening sliver

Brown sweaters: Red tanks or turtlenecks along with Orange and Magenta

Instead of plain black tights: Use metallic tights in black, sliver and gold, awesome!!

Beauty: Nude eyes with a touch of shimmer, thick line on top of the lid, with liquid eyeliner, full brows, with a pink lip.

Excellent ways to bring joy into your severe winter wardrobe.

Cheers to a POP of color!

Holiday Scents: Talbots, LaVie Est Belle

So you are going to holiday events day and night, you have the perfect outfit and makeup but the scent is as important.

Romantic floral perfect for daytime events.

La Vie Est Belle--By Lancôme
This is scent is amazing a little heavier with tuberose scents great for winter evenings amazing scent.

Desire by Dolce and Gabanna
The potion in the black bottle this scent would make any man fall over you and give you a ring.
I can't describe the scent only to say that is amazing.

Cheers to the scents that will light up any holiday occasion.

Beauty Spot: Lotions for the Winter, Deep Purple Lip

We are in the Northeast are in the midst of cold weather.

Which means that our skin dries out faster and quicker.

This product is amazing, SkinFix it is dermatologist recommended and it is all natural and steroid free, which is designed to treat dry cracked skin and eczema. Highly recommend this product for all over body use.

How to achieve the Deep Purple Lip, the deep purple lip has many looking goth or circa 1990's when women would use dark lipstick to make their teeth look white.

Take any dark purple lipstick matte of course, and brighten it up with a pink lip gloss my favorite is Nars Priscilla.

This makes anyone look less severe and more brighter.

So, if you need to achieve that look then by all means this is the way to go.

Cheers to Skin Fix and achieving the perfect Deep Purple Lip!

Holiday Looks: Purple, Blues, and Whites

The holiday season is officially amongst us and boy are we excited!

Here are some helpful hints about what to wear when:

Hosting a Holiday Party with your Boyfriend or Hubby:

More than likely you will have to do this one day, these are elegant classics:
1. Pink Lace Blouse with a long black velvet skirt, pearl earrings and black pumps.
2. White Pant Suit with a silver tank top with diamond studs.

Going to a Holiday Party or Concert:

Blue and Purple Velvet or velour tops with black flares work well.
Accessories are sapphires and amythest jewels.

Office Parties:
Simple black dress that covers everything, with pearl earrings.

Please no red, green or gold, you don't want to be mistaken for a Christmas wreath.

Cheers to Holiday Fashions!

Beauty Spot: Ponds and Simple and Clarins

Beauty Spot:

We are on the party circuit in NYC with galas and holiday gatherings. It can be very harsh on the face, so what are ladies to do?

I discovered a couple of products that are great!

1. Ponds--Cleansing Cloths it is actually make up removal that if you have been out late and don't feel like exfoliating then this is the next best thing.

2. Simple Facial Scrub- This product came from our counter parts across the pond in London. It is paraben free use it MWF and it is amazing and adds moisture to your skin.

3. Clarins- Super Restorative Night Cream this is a liquid face lift I think. It is amazing it adds moisture and elasticity back into the skin, it was actually formulated in Paris by a Parisian doctor in WWI to heal soldiers from war wounds.

Cheers to holiday partying without it taking a toll on your skin!

Book Report: Love, Lashes and Lipstick

We are returning to our book reports:

Since we are gearing up for the holidays it is only fitting that we review a beauty book, Love, Lashes and Lipstick my secrets for a gorgeous, happy life by Mally Roncal.

This is one of the best books of the year, and one of my favorite books because it isn't about excessive name dropping, born into fame and money or about telling all of your bedroom secrets.

Mally Roncal's book tells of a highly successful business woman, who had to find her way to success through trial and error, heartache and such a strong belief in God that she literally moved mountains, yet stayed true to herself.

Mally Roncal is the QVC beauty guru with her own makeup line that has sold out within minutes, however her love of beauty and makeup began with her late mother, who was a doctor yet was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was one. Her mother and made sure she packed Mally with all the love and adventure and special trips to the Saks beauty counter.

Which h…

Fashion Group International

What should we look forward to in the stores this Spring/Summer 2015?
Yesterday, I attended the Fashion Group International Spring Summer 2015
presentation.The experts Ken Dowling the Creative Director of Nieman Marcus, Jennifer Jaffe of Bloomingdales, a Fashion Editor from In Style Magazine and a Beauty Editor from W Magazine all gave what they saw at all 177 shows they attended globally for Fashion Month.Beauty:
Hair is all about the wet look. Just walked out of shower no blow drying look. Next is the braid to the side and lightly tussled. The bun being hold with a fishnet is popular. Custom wigs also is a big thing.
Forget the Pixie and embarce long locks.
Make Up
The Nude non Make Up look and the dewy look is going to be key.
Cat Eyes are still with liquid eyeliner.
Rainbow Eyes are also big.Fashion:
The theme for most designers is fantasy. As Ken Dowling put it the world is in such an upheaval many designers want to bring back the era of the 70's. Where life was carefree and…

No Excuses to Achieve Your Dreams

You know there is a lot of chatter about inequality and not being on a level playing field.However, if you are the best in your field, you would be greatly compensated.Here are some resources to help you get to wear you think you should be:
1. Launching your own clothing line?
Mood Fabrics in NY and LA have free classes.
2. FIT has nominal fee online classes.
3. Code Liberation has free coding and game design workshops.
4. Aveda Institute has courses for programs in cosmetology and you can receive Federal student loans.
5. American Express OPEN has an all day women entrenprenuership Forum, where the experts in the field would walk you through how to start and run your own business.
6. There are career fairs specifically for people who are returning to the workforce and those who are making career transitions.
Check out Levo League, the Forte Foundation, and Catalyst.
7. Also, take an hour out of your day and check the Eventbrite and networking and classes in your area.People pay peopl…

Foodie Friday

Holiday DipsHoliday parties are among us and eventually, you will be hosting something.Here is our take on dips:Herbed Cream Cheese
Soften one package of cream cheese
Add fresh chives and thyme
Blend well.
Serve chilled with crackers or flatbread.Chioplte Dip
1. One container of Plain  Greek yogurt
2. 3 Tablespoons of Chioplte Seasoning
Blend well and served chilled.Mediterrean Dip
1. 1/4 pound chopped Kalamata olives.
2. Fresh Taragon chopped finely
3. Plain Greek yogurt
Blend well and serve with focaccia bread Cheers to your holiday dips!

Baking 101

So, I decided I eat way too much processed foods. And it looks like another Polar Vortex is heading our way East, which mean hot and hearty foods.My residental grocery store just brought in a huge shipment of produce from the farms out East.So, I decided to load up on the four different squashes, dried beans,  carrots, curries, and baking productsWhy baking products?
I am learning how to bake, the more I take control of what I put into my mouth, the more likely I am to stave off diseases.So, I am making everything from scratch including bread, pies, and cookies. I know two years ago I was promoting everything canned and processed foods from the best shops around. However, as my waist line grew, and I see how my Dad has gone through so much with diabetes, heart disease and dementia, which is all directly tied into diet.I think it is time that I take control of what I put into my mouth and body. No being a size 0 is not my goal, but being healthy and happy and not having to take meds i…

Holiday Host Gifts

Many people are starting to get invites to holiday parties. So what do you give. Many single Men now host holiday parties, so the standard flowers are not going to cut it.Here are elegant Gifts any man would appreciate.
1. Art of Shaving Spa Gift Certificates.
2. Cuff links are making a huge comeback, Brooks Brothers are a favorite of mine.
3. Cashmere throw for his den, living room, or bed.
4. Gift certificate to Whole Foods.
5.Alcohol--Whisky, Burbon, and Scotch are all huge right now.
6. Crystal Glassware Old Fashion glasses, etc.Cheers for the male host in your life!

Foodie Friday :Margarita Pork Chops

Ok, you are wondering what is Margarita Pork Chops.We just took the elements from a Margarita.1. Limes
2. Himalyan SaltSeason the chops with those elements, cook till well done with onions.What is the sweet?
Ripe plantains that are fried a little burnt and the caramelization is wonderful.Cheers to Margarita Pork Chops!

Todays Beauty Spot

So this week we are examing drugstore brands. We had a coupon for Rimmel London we bought there lip gloss in Hot Pink and Revlon's liquid eyeliner and shadow in one.The Rimmel London didn't need many reapplications at all. In fact it was better than luxury brands.Also, the Revlon liquid Eye Make Up in bronze, was amazing, it held up though out the Night.So two excellent store brands that really shocked us in terms of quality and realability.Cheers to this week's Beauty Spot!

Book Reports

Ok, we are gearing up for the Random House event, next week and we thought;
we would share with you our favorites.Self Help Section
The Four Agreements
Don Miguel RuizMans Search for Meaning
Vicktor FrankelFiction
The Night at Chateau Mostrand
Lauren Weisberg
Funny I have read all of her books except the Devil Wears Parda.The First and Second Assistant
This book is so funny, but from what we heard true.And Then It Came to an End
Joshua Ferrís
This book is a masterpiece and I am surprised it was not adapted into a movie.You Got My Number
Sophia Kinsella
So funny and almost realistic, it could happen to anyone.There are our picks, but if you want the most recent releases then join us next week at the Random House Open House.Cheers to good reading!

Holiday Season Time to Stock Up at the Drug Store

No, it is not that kind of drugstore run, but now that the holidays are in three weeks.We found great deals for your home at a drugstore.We got great deals on toliet paper, facial tissue, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, paper goods.If you use your rewards cards, plus manufacturers coupons, you can save close to 30.00, like we did with holiday baking, guests coming over paper goods can add up and add up quickly.The key to bigger savings in going into the city for these items where the majority of people order these ítems online.Key savings, residential neighborhoods everyone goes to CVS or those chain stores and supplies diminish very quickly.Cheers to tons of savings on holiday paper goods.

Our Halloween Party

So we decided to have a last minute Halloween Party.I got a punch bowl filled it with candy with a battery operated candle and put candy, serves two purposes trick or treaters. And to hide the candy from folks over doing it on candy, I spray painted an old witches hat and put it over the bowl.My cupcakes chocolate and vanilla. The chocolate icing are funny faces and if you don t want to eat a face then have a tropical flower.Cheers to a fun and safe Halloween.

Foodie Friday: Halloween Goulash

So its Halloween and what do you serve your adult friends for your Halloween Party.Beef Stew over Herbed Polenta1. Take Sirlon and cube it and season with salt and pepper.
2. Cut up a pepper, an union and smash three cloves of garlic, and carrots.
3. In a sautee pot saute everything in Olive oil and reduce with a cup of wine and a jar of tomato sauce with 3 Bay leafs.
4. Simmer for 4 hours until meat is completely tender.Serve over hot Polenta with thyme.Cheers to a Ghoulish Halloween!

Does It Work?

So I have a bit of a dry hand problem. Which can age your hands and skin, so I have used Strivictin Anti Aging cream on my hands with sun screen.I do this twice a day once at night and the begining of the week.So, does it work?After a month, yes this it works and it works well.So, if you think that only your face ages, think again and pay attention to all parts of your body that is exposed to Sun and the elements.Cheers!

Hair This!

Are you the type of person who always puts your hair in a ponytail, you are doing errands in the ponytail it goes, well I was that kind of a person, until I went to my stylist to had to hack off 4 inches of my hair.

Why?? Because I wore ponytails and it was not allowing my hair follicles to breathe.

He told me he sees this alot with students, people who work at home, etc.

So I asked him what the alternative to the old ponytail was and he told me stylish headbands, turbans, and even hair jewlery, that keeps the hair off the face and of course he suggested at night to get a silk bonet after I brush my hair before going to bed.

He told me that even if you get regular deep conditioner treatments it still is no good if you keep the hair tight and don't allow those follicles to breathe.

So, on my way home from the salon, I bought some stylish cotton headbands, cotton allows the hair to breathe.

If you are like me and enjoy your locks then keep them with a head band.

Cheers to healthy ha…

Second Chances??

It seems as though people are on steroid CRAZY!! these days, I don't even read or watch the newspaper because of it seems as though someone has done something beyond bizarre.

So, as a person who wears her heart on her wrist, do you ever give a person or an institution a second chance?

Here are my rules:

1. We live in a working environment where the less qualified someone the more than likely they will get a job because it is cheap labor; however because those people are grossly incompentent they will take out their frustration on you the person. In this case I leave those people alone, do you support the institution is the question?
It depends what you are going to get out of it... I went to a free or a $7.00 event at an institution that has one person who is so incompentent people laugh in his face, but I was there for a reason, and ended up getting not only free swag but three business contacts. So, don't let one person ruin your chance for a having a good time or getting co…

Beauty Tip # 2: Why Fat is Good

Everyone seems to be on the endless yo-yo no carbs, no fat, juice cleanse diet...

But as my friend and beauty consultant Eileen at Trish Mc Envoy told me if you have oily skin and are prone to break outs that is a sign of a good thing.


She told me the drier your skin, the more it is prone to advanced aging. So she said a little meat on one's bones also helped as well. I know explanation, if your diet is high in healthy fat such as avocados, coconut, olive oil, organic butter it retains the essentials oils in your body and your skin is much less prone to aging.

She also told me that is secret to most Mediterranean diets, they drink one tablespoon of olive oil in the morning, for weight loss and to replenish essential oils lost during the winter months.

If you look most scary thin women, need Botox and filler because they have lost volume in their skin, because they do not eat enough fat to give the skin a healthy glow.

So embrace those avocados, eat a piece of bacon once an…

Foodie Friday: Affordable Meals

Many Americans are still trying to find ways to feed a family of four on a limited budget.

I discovered ways in which we all can have our food budget stretch a bit.

Whenever there are meats on sale, my meat of choice is chicken and the cut are theighs and legs, buy three family packets of that meat.

1. One family pack or fryer pack of chicken has 10 pieces or portions of meat in them, so for a family of four that is 4 meals. If you cut the chicken theigh in half everyone can get a second helping wink, wink.

2. So, for my family pack of chicken theighs, I prepared it 4 different ways:
1. Baked Oven Fried Chicken with Italian Breadcrumbs and parmsean mixed into the breadcrumbs.
2. Baked BBQ Chicken
3. Curry Coconut Chicken
4. Herb Roasted Chicken with Rosemary, Thyme and Chives

3. You are thinking great what about sides?
One 5 lbs. bag of potatos will go far..
For the Oven Fried Chicken-- cut the potato into wedges  with olive oil, and salt bake till done, those are your fries.
BBQ Chic…

Self Esteem Check

Many of us are bombarded with the photoshop images within the media or in our own families we are fat shammed, or asked if we are another diet.

Here's our solution, dress your best every day and take a picture, selfie or have someone be your photog
I was at the make up counter and a woman wanted me to do this for her we had fun, told jokes and her mood was uplifted.

I did this for myself after having a horrible experience for one month this is what I did and by the time this Fall came around, my confindence was beyond

You may think that is self absorbed, but really it is not. It is about reclaiming your beauty and right to be seen and treated with respect.

Cheers to clothed selfies and self esteem!

Results on Our Social Experiment: Days One and Two

So last week we set on an adventure to find as many free and fun events and attend them in NYC.

Last week we hit gold:

1. We were invited to the App Nexus Movemember Launch Party in the Flatiron District.
The founder of Movember was there explaining why we created the movement. The Movemember movement is a Mens Health iniative because the second leading cause of death for men is prostate and testicular cancer, which if caught through early detection can save so many men. So starting Nov. 1 men are required to shave all facial hair and grow a moustache and get screened.
Was this event fun? The live jazz was amazing and the bassist was so into his music, he made me loose myself into his groove.

2. The second event we got an invite was the Glamour and Lord and Taylor Beauty Event.
This event was all about the pucker the lip and how to attain goregous lips using various brands. They gave a great swag bag and a 25.00 gift card that you had to use that night, the music was a club feel, they had p…

Beauty Tip # 1: Making Lip Gloss Last

I am a lip gloss kinda of a woman, love the moisture and shine and it makes anything you wear look expensive.

However, how do you make lip gloss last?

We figured it out use a nude matte lipstick as a base, then apply your lip gloss as a top coat not only does it give it that shine and longevity it is appropriate for daytime and night.

So, if you had the same problem as myself, there you have a great solution.

Cheers to your great pucker!

Foodie Friday: Milk and Cookies

Every Fall we do a milk and cookies edition just to get us in the festive fall/winter season to come.

So everyone loves chocolate and if you don't have a nut allergy who doesn't love peanut butter?

We combined Betty Crocker's Chocolate Chip cookie mix and the Peanut Butter cookie mix, instead of using butter we used 1/2 cup of Canola oil, which is gentle on the waist line.

After making 4 dozen, which came out heavenly! Salty & Sweet!!

We needed a chaser.

1. Almond milk
2. Decaf Chai Mix
3. 2 jiggers of Bourbon

Bring to a slow boil and with our Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies this is a wonderful grown up treat to a fall dinner party.

Cheers to Milk and Cookies!

Beauty Spot: Mass Retail Embraces Natural

For a year now we have been highlighting the importance of using beauty products that contain min. toxins.

Do you buy a 3 gallons of Olive Oil, 4 lbs. of Oatmeal for a mask and beauty products?

Thankfully, most mass (affordable) beauty products have heard us the consumer and here is what we found:

1. Revlon-- Now makes mineral based lip gloss--yeah!

2. Suave-- Natural Product Line made with Argan Oil--Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash

3. Olay-- A Body Wash made with Shea Butter and Essentials Oils

4. Sinful Colors-- The 1.99 nail polish exclusively made at Walgreens/Duane Reade are made without Toulene, Forhmadehylde, BCP's, etc.

So yes you can afford to look great, be safe, without spending a fortune.

Congrats to our HALL of FAME!!

When we first started two years ago, so were a lot of other people who decided to take their years of experience and make something great with their lives.

Congrats to out HALL of FAME:

1. Adolfo Sanchez-- Adolfo Sanchez, LLC.
 He learned from the best designers, has his own collection and collection of designers under Creativ PR. Most recently, his designers dresses was featured on an A- List Hollywood Actress. Kudos to Adolfo! I was at his first NYC show and is so proud of his accomplishments!

2. Liza Kindred-Third Wave Fashion
After working at several jobs in fashion and tech, she launched Third Wave Fashion, which is fashion tech consulting firm, she was one of our first interviews where she grants us an hour of her time explaining to us the intracies of fashion and e-commerce and the intersection of the two. She has spoken at every major fashion event in the world about her expertise. Today she is recognize as one of the leaders of Fashion Innovation and has put out a world clas…

The Best PMS Chocolate Solution Ever!!!

If anyone happens to run into Dr. Oz ask him why women crave chocolate during PMS.

We checked WebMD but they didn't give us an answer nor did our docs.

So we made an awesome Chocolate Raspberry Ganche Cake, that will satisfy those cravings.

1. Bag Milk Chocolate Chips
2. Bag Semi- Sweet Chocolate Chips
3. 1 cup of Heavy Cream
4. 2 boxes of vanilla cake mix
5. 1 Large Jar of raspberry jam
6. 1 carton of fresh raspberries

1. In a double boiler pan put both milk and semi- sweet chocolate chips in a pan and add heavy cream should be a heavy consistency--allow to cool.

2. Follow the directions for the yellow cake mix and add half  the chocolate mixture to the cake batter and  mix at a med speed, this way there is no air in the mixture. Pour into two cake pans and bake according to box directions.

3. Take the rest of the chocolate mixture and put it aside.

4. Bring raspberry jam to room temp. in a bowl and smooth it out with a rubber spatula.

5. When cakes are cooled place the bottom ca…

Our Social Experiment

Now that we have all our of outfits for Fall/Winter, we are conducting a social experiment for the rest of the month.

What's the experiment? You ask???

We noticed tons of websites that have "invite only" events and post pictures the same 30 people at those events or other events that cost so much you have to take out a loan on your 401 (k).

So we are hot, smart young women who won't ask about your spirit animal; so our social experiment is how many great events in NYC we can attend for free for the rest of the month, without VOLUTEERING!

This is a wonderful way to see and meet new people and get to wear all of our clothes that are looking at us!

And get to see what real NY Fashion Street Style is...

So cheers to our social experiment FUN for FREE for the REST of the MONTH!!!

Fall Time: Soup's On!

In the northeast- Fall is all about cold weather and sometimes damp weather, so after long day you will need something to warm you up.

Here are my two recipes that are proven to be delish.

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup:

Marinade overnight half of cup of low sodium soy sauce
Fresh Garlic
Fresh Grated Ginger
1 bottle of organic ginger beer

The next morning in a soup pot put the marinaded with liquid and chicken into a soup pot and cover with water on a low simmer- slow cooking is key.

Then 20 min. before you are ready to serve put in Soba Noodle or Asian Rice Noodles to the pot.

Serve immediately.

If you are inviting guests over then serve on the side red chilli flakes, coconut milk, or Siracha.

For a dramatic effect pour hot broth over defrosted potstickers tableside and have the boiling broth cook the potsticker.

Serve with a Thai Beer or Lemongrass infused water/

Cheers to a great way to keep warm this fall and winter!

Homemade Junk Food

Growing up every Friday was Mom's night off and we had Chinese, Hamburgers, Pizza, etc.

Now with the caution of what we put into our body, I do junk food night for my nieces and nephews.

They love Mexican so here's my take on homemade Junk Food

Pork Shoulder Marinade
Marinade blend:
3 rehydrated chipolte pepers
3 Tablespoons Cumin
Tons of Garlic
Green peppers
Olive oil
Blend well until a thick paste and marinade it for a week, so if you bought it on Sunday, it will be ready for Friday.

Slow cook the pork until skin is crispy rule of thumb for every pound of pork it takes one hour to cook. 5 pounds of slow cooking is great, another Mark Bittman book.

While pork is cooking, make rice with finely diced cilantro, black beans or pinto beans, freshly grated cheddar, and burrito wraps.

Allow pork to cool and chop it up and have the kids build there own burrito, it is a lot cheaper and fresh and natural is always a good thing.

The fun thing is having the kids come over for &quo…

The Next Big Thing in Shoes

Unless you are in a car and have to make an appearance or go to the ballet and opera or a meeting.

The next big thing in shoes are the resurgence of the comfort shoe.

The comfort shoe use to have a bad reputation for being ugly and for seniors, not today!

Brands such as Aeropostale and Clarks have made a come back in the shoe wear market in a big way.

The Clarks flat that I bought are in Black Croc and feel as though I am walking on air, especially when pounding the hard pavements.

Clarks also have high heel dress booties that go well, with leather pants, a sequin tank and a leather jacket.

Aeropostale has an amazing selection of shooties, booties, and boots all great styles, yet so easy on the feet.

It wasn't until last year, wear the leather on my Aeropostale wedges turn from black to brown that I had to throw those out, but my two year investment had me walking all over the world literally, but not at the scarifice of looking fab.

Of course when I do need to wear a Manolo I do …

Reasons to Eat Local and Seasonal

Among foodies there is a big push to eat local and seasonal. However, what does that mean?

When I was at dinner the other day with a couple from New Mexico, they talked about the seafood restaurant made everyone sick because the seafood was delayed and often served to customers when the product was bad.

They told me that many land locked states such as New Mexico and Colorado have this problem.

So I read a book by Mark Bittman years ago that stressed the importance of eating locally and fresh and farm to table.

I noticed my weight and skin out of whack this year, as I began to eat less processed food and shop at local farmers market, the weight began to fall off , skin cleared and moods improved greatly.

Also, it is less expensive to eat local and seasonal. This month in terms of sweets apples and pumpkins are in season so apple brown betty, apple turnovers, apple spice cake, baked apples with local honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla, etc. Same for pumpkins...

So every state has loc…

The Millionaire Landscaper

In the 90's there was a great business book called the Millionaire Next Door, which showed how through frugality and hard work your average neighbor was a millionaire.

Many people believe that is there education and more prestigious the education the better, until the 2008 market crash, where many Ivy League grad were out of jobs and on unemployment lines and some still haven't found jobs to cover the high debt of the education.

So what does one do in this economy?

Go back to old fashion skills, the landscapers in my community are multi- millionaires, just speaking with one of them who was cutting down a my neighbors tree, he told me that he and his brothers are college grads, however the decided to build upon the landscaping business that their father started.

Cosmetology is a trillion dollar industry however many people and salons are not licensed, this provides a great opportunity for people who love to make others look good to go back to school which is 1/8 the cost of a 4…

It's All About the Beverly Hills/ L.A. Glam Look

As NY Fashion Week concluded we look toward the Hills of L.A. and our friends at Creativ PR have a wonderful selection of Ultra Glam to Street Style clothes and accessories.

You can find headpieces, bejeweled belts, latex bodysuits, and ball gowns for Awards Season  all under one roof, in there amazing 2,000 square ft. showroom in Los Angeles, it is in partnership with Fashion Climaxx and the pieces are handled by an excellent conceirge staff and it is by appointment only, so ladies contact your girlfriend and have the champagne waiting you are in for an amazing experience!

It is what we call L.A. Glam and the things are amazing!

Yes if you need that statement bag to wear on an interview, or if you need an evening bag for a charity gala, Creativ as it all with amazing designers who showcased at NY Fashion Week such as Adolfo Sanchez.

Enough of the talk here is the link to the site happy shopping and tell Alexander that Positivexpert sent you!

Here is the link…

How to Dress Parisian Chic

The best contemporary designer is Catherine Maladrino, who once said that  " Parisian are and will be the best dressed."

So how do you dress Parisian Chic:

1. Staples: A Well Fitted Shapeware, Parisian Women are notorious for having great lines or shilouttes.

2. Black, White and Red are wonderful colors that work well with any skin tone.

My favorite is a black and white dress that I have that is black with a white stripe along the side and a white cutout sweater that I have with black pumps.

The red are my accessories- bag, nailpolish or classic Chanel red lipstick

3. Many women wear black pants with a white, nude, or pink silk blouse and pearls or stud earrings while conducting business.

4. A night out on the own many Parisians still believe in going formal, with formal gowns, and cocktail dresses, and tailored suits for the men.

You will never find a French businessman in khakis while conducting business. Again everything is well tailored and the majority of French men sti…

The Luxe in Luxury

After reading this issue of Forbes with the President of Hermes, everyone wants to know the secret
to the Hermes family and there stronghold on the luxury market. As the President of Hermes said "it is craftmanship."

Which is so true my first time ever wearing my Gucci gray shoes, which was heavenly, it felt like butter, the leather was perfectly crafted to fit my feet, it was lined in mohair, the craftmanship was amazing.

When angel financiers and venture capitalists to invest in a luxury business, they should invest the craftmanship in the product of the  are looking to break into the "luxury" market they should visit any Hermes store in the world.

Many designers want to give you luxury but not the workmanship nor the dedication that goes into every product that certain designers craft and the in store treatment.

So there is the secret to the LUXE in luxury.


Delicious Fall Treat: Herbed Goat Cheese and Orange Marmalade

Ok, for the past couple of days, I have fell in love with this amazing breakfast treat.

1. Toast an English Muffin
2. Take soften goat chesse mix in herbs such as thyme and chives
3. Spread the goat cheese and herb mixture on the toasted English Muffin
4. Then take a dollop of orange marmalade and spread on top of the herbed goat cheese and English Muffin.

Have with lemon tea, an amazing way to start the day or serve for brunch!

Cheers to a wonderful and healthy treat!

DEluxe Edition

We do a major overview of the luxury market to find the best in the world.

Facial Products:
La Mer--The eye and night creams are wonderful
SK-II-- The masks are a weekly ritual

Travel Destinations:
The South of France: Amazing views and wonderful people, Grange is a must go to in terms of fragrance creations.

Lake Lucerne, Switerland: This destination is magical and has all the beauty in the world. The Swiss are world class in hospitality and for spa treaments. One caveat two languages are spoken in Switzerland: French and German.

The Best Hot Chocolate:
1. William Sonoma
2. Godiva
3. La Maision Du Chocolat
William Sonoma is the best because it is rich with out it be ultra filling.

The Best Sea Food:
Any four star hotel on the Greek Isles, this is the best fish in the world and the preparation of kalmata olives and olive oil is delicious.

The Best Place for Night Life:
It depends of course in the U.S. is NYC or L.A. South America it is Rio where they take the party to the beach and play instruments…

Beauty Spot: DIY Hair Mask

We all want thick flowing locks, but some of us need help in this department. Some of us have dry brittle hair from over processing from color.

Here is a hair mask that will bring luster into those locks of yours.

1. One ripe avacado
2. 3 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
3. 3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

Hand blend all the ingredients until a thick consistency. Apply liberally to damp, shampooed hair after you applied to hair, then wrap hair with a hot towel for 20 min.

Rinse hair throughly, if hair is too greasy rinse with apple cider vinegar.

You will see a difference within a month.

That's our Beauty Spot: DIY Hair Mask

Tuesday's Fashion Fix: Furs and Leather

The NYFW continues as we see the stores fill with faux furs and real furs and faux leather and real leather.

The good thing about faux leather is that they are light weight so they make great Midi skirts, jeggings, and even jumpsuits. The bad thing is synthetic materials are highly flamable so don't go wearing your leather jeggings and cashmere sweater to your alma matter's bonfire, less your hide will be in up in smoke.

I love fur it is so glamorous and just old world style. Think 1960's ladies in evening gowns, pearls, and white gloves with their mink stoles wrapped around their arms.

The designer who works the best in all types of fur is, think meeting your hubby in one of his furs with diamond chandler earrings from and black patent leather Christian Loubtin heels, with red nail polish and red lips.

Oh, and of course underneath lingerie from Just pull up in an old world limo and he will go bizerk!!

But for those who want a night of c…

Job Search while Still Being a Fashionista

Recruiting Season is under way and most employers are more conservative now than ever.

So what to do when you LOVE fashion, but are up for a corporate job.

Traditional dark suits are still a staple, with pearl studs, and close toe high heel shoes.

Nix the nail art the glitter even if you are interviewing in fashion, they don't want to see that at all.

However, you can still wear a colorful scarf that you can take off when you get to the interview.

Nail polish is all about the NUDES this year in pale pink, pale taupe, and even pale liliac, you can get away with that as well.

You can get away with a structured bag, but be careful if someone knows that you are out of work for a while, don't show up with the latest Channel or Berkin bag, red flaggs will go up with HR.

You can find a great structure bag from Target in classic black with gold hardware for under 50.00.

Ladies no cleavage, and make certain that all skirts are knee length.

Classic shoulder length hair never went out of…

Foodie Friday :Chicken and Waffles on a Stick

We all heard of corn dogs, anyone who has been to the country fair knows about goodness on a Stick.

Well how about chicken and waffles?

Take marinade chicken
Skewer it  and par grill it.
Dip the chicken into pancake batter, flavored with maple syrup.
Grill as you would a regular waffle
Until well done.

Serve with maple mustard
Cheers to Chicken and Waffles!

Beauty Spot: Day Four: Minimize Toxic Beauty Products

Most beauty products have some level of toxic ingredients, we found ways you can drastically cut the toxins.

1. Go back to the old crayon type of eyeliner, so what it runs, but having  24 hour liquid eyeliner that goes into your pores and blood stream not good.

2. Use organic based products more fréquently.

3. Buy all beauty products in person at the store this way you can physically see if the nailpolish has seperated. Also stores have certain liscensing agreements with the products and can not sell any expired, counterfit products.

4. Do not wear a full face of make up everyday. This ages the skin and again allows toxins to get into the blood stream.

5. If you can't find a long lasting mineral based lip color put a mineral based
product on first then apply a pigment color. It gives a longer lasting look and again you are minimizing toxins.

6. Remember you can get away with mascara and nail polish because they are not absorbed into the blood stream.

Cheers to looking great without the …

Beauty Spot: Day Three : Eyes Are the Keys to the Soul

You have a date with someone who you consider a potential contender.
Men notice everything they just dont say things unless something is outrageous.

So how do you get a guy to really remember you?

The eyes... If you have blue or green eyes then use mascara, subtle lashes, and liquid eye shadow in blue, this look makes this color hue pop.

If you have Long dark brown or reddish hair and dark eyes then, black eyeliner with liquid eyeliner in gold, this compliements the darker hues and gives a much needed pop to the eyes and it softens them up.

For all eye colors to give an edge then use a black metallic liquid eye color. It works well and keeps you remembered.

Of course apply eye make up on last to minimize they amount of time you have the product on your skin
Cheers to keeping your eyes as the center of the soul and his heart!

Beauty Spot: Day Two: Organix Products

Organix Products for the hair are some of the most luxurious products for your hair without a lot of suffilites and parabens.

Here are my recommendations:
Aragan Shampoo and Conditioner
Then the anti frizz coconut milk serum
To finish your hair care regimen
Coconut shine
All four products will do wonders for your hair and not bad for your pocketbook.
Cheers to fab hair!!

Beauty Spot: Day One: Au Natural

It is beauty week... We tried and tested some of our favorites and here are our results...

Ok, so now we know the skin of avacados work wonders for dry skin, and olive oil is a go to for mani/pedi.
These two weeks we are trying
Yes to Body Wash, from the makers of Yes to Carrots products.
Pacifica All Natural lip gloss.
If you want the au natural look with lashes, this is the lip gloss you should try.
The body wash smells great and rinses off very clean. It is great for you and your boyfriend.
Cheers to this week's beauty picks!

Foodie Friday: Roast Pork Guisada

This dish is great when you are doing housework, put it in the slow cooker and let it GO!
Cubed pieces of pork
Fresh Oregano
Fresh Thyme
Pinch of salt and pepper
Juice of one lime
1 jar of Goya Sofrito
Wash pork with lime juice and vinegar.
Season with other herbs and one jar of Sofrito.
Marinade for 48 hours.
Cook pork in slow cooker till almost distegrating.
During the last 45 min. fry unripe green plantains, til golden salt immediately after the fryer.
Take the green plantains and put garlic mojo sauce, which are 12 cloves of garlic in olive oil.
Serve the pork with white rice, tostones, and chilled champagne.
Cheers to a great meal South of the Border!

Quick Pick Me Up!

Okay we all know that if you need to change your brain you should start to  exercise, this is a sure fire way to get those endorphins going.However, after that run or walk you should every two weeks, treat yourself, to a hair pin, earrings, something that you can wear on that walk or run.I know I bought a purple flower, with deep purple nail polish and put on my gear and went for a walk.When, I went to the grocery store, I put on a black tee with black jeans and put on long Chandler earrings, which were irrescendent, and a statement necklace I got those 50 percent off H&M.My point we all go through life's major disappointments, but the key is to NOT get stuck and keep it moving and look great in the meantime, without going broke! Thanks to H&M and a ten dollar pick me Up!

Fall Fashion Fling

Fall is here and so are the colors:Dark Hunter Green are in but, you dont, have to be so serious, add pops of colors, such as lime green  or gold chrome nail polish.Reds and Burgundy's silver, deep purple, and blackberry nailpolish.Eyes are blue eyeliner with smoky Eye and a pop of gold, with both outfits.Embellishments on black  dresses, for go to dressing jumpsuits and statement necklaces are key.

Foodie Friday: Beet Salad

Beets, yes I woke up the other day with beets on my mind.Beets Salad
Several beets from red and yellow.
Boil the bottoms or bulbs of the beets, until well done, but firm.
Slice beets and place on a bed of fresh argula.Cream goat cheese with thyme and chives and sprinkle over beets and argula.Drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the salad.Serve with red wine.

Does It Last?

The latest rave is Sally Jenson Gel home manicure.I am sure you are wondering does it last?The average gel manicure lasts for two weeks, but does this product lasts this Long?The answer is Yes!Sally Henson has really come though with their top coat gel product, which is amazing. I was sold out on Julep's top coat, but Sally Henson comes out on top.That is our beauty spot update.Cheers!!!

What Does $40.00 buy you

Remember that show 40.00 a day with Rachel Ray.I wondered that as well, so one day I went to Rockefeller Centre, I bought a book, with a coupon. Then I needed a simple black dress for an event, H and M to the rescue, I then bought two pairs of earrings and a necklace.Lunch was half a Tuna club with water.And I still had 10.00 left that was put on a MetroCard.So that's what 40.00 a day can buy.Cheers to 40.00 for a weekly treat.


Everyone loves chocolate the French eat a piece every day.So, when I had an opportunity to sample the best chocolate in the World in NYC, I jumped at it....Where you ask?La Maison Du Chocolat in Manhattan's Upper East Side, near the Whitney and the Met.This location has a tasting room, where we learned and feasted.My favorite chocolate was a lemon infused chocolate and the passion fruit
macaroon was excellent, in between sips of water or tea or coffee, the conversation was pleasant and light.It was a summer afternoon in NYC,  with a great crowd and Chocolate.When you thought you couldn't eat anymore the host showed us how to make ganache, totally sinful and the consistency of a pudding. Plus, she gave us the recipe for ganache.One Word of caution, you should only have half bites and you can't eat all of the tasting.But, they do allow you to take home any unfinished samples and they provided all of us with a goodie bag.My besties are all getting holiday gifts from La Maison…