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October is truly Beauty Month

Many of us are still recovering from NYFW, but October is here and starting this weekend here is what is in store:October 3, 2015
Michelle Phan wants you to be inspired and empowered. She and the Ipsy Team will have a two day conference on all things beauty and the business of beauty.
Tickets are completely sold out for this event.October 12, 2015
Her Campus is having a NYC fashion show and you can be it as well. Her Campus is a Harvard based group that has conferences on Business, How to thrive on campus and College Fashion Week is no different, every one gets a chance to walk the run way. And get beauty products in the meantime.October 17, 2015
The uber cool Beauty Con comes to NYC and it's all about meeting the latest You Tube stars, Bloggers and Lifestyle experts who are going to show you how to strobe, contour, and clown, your make up of course. But this conference is truly amazing in that it takes the people that you are connecting with on line to an intimate setting.October…

New Trend In Weddings: Country Glam

Okay so all the tabloids covered Allison Williams wedding, where her aisle was a dirt trail in the beautiful Wyoming Country Side and her reception was in a glammed out barn.Well, she is not the only bride to embrace this country chic wedding. A friend of mine got married in the Adirondack s in an open field, her reception was in a barn, with, a formal band for entrance and a DJ for the rest of the reception. Her food and wine were all locally sourced from the area, which was excellent. She also had lighted tents where guests could stay, the ultimate in glamping and her both sides of the family, when she and her husband left, had a bonfire and told of old stories well into the night.So, those over the top platinum weddings of the early 2000 have faded and now we are into Country Rustic Glam Weddings.Cheers to the Great Outdoors!!

Foodie Friday: Soft Pretzel Bites

You ever wanted something soft, warm, a little crunch, and salty and sweet at the same time?Well, you are in luck because at an event, they served warm soft pretzel bites with a sweet and spicy mustard caviar on top. It's the soft pretzel elevated in so many great ways. I felt like downing the whole tray but, I didn't, it goes great with hard cider or a sparkling wine.Absolutely, a great treat when you want something homey yet elevated.Cheers to the creator of this!!!

The Beauty Spot

What is really big for fall and winter is the dark berry stain, but if you are pale it comes across as Goth.So here comes Gerard Cosmetics founded by a Vlogger who has highly pigmented colors with out the severe look, we love her bright lilac if you mix it with a silver lipstick under it it comes out wonderful. Also her brick red is a warm brown that highlights any skin tone.Her whole line is amazing and can be found at@Ricky'sNYC.Cheers to the celebrating the wonderful make up that complements your fall and winter wardrobe!

NYFW Recap

So, we are a week late, but we had to really decide on the traditional or on what we saw in terms of NYFW.For this Fall every now is fringing it and the open back sweater with a zipper is amazing.We also saw for Spring that Athleisure is going to be really big, from old time tennis dresses, you can wear to Spring Cocktail party's.What is big right now are Pointe Pants which are Spandex and cotton blend. They can be worn dressy or for work.
The best Pointe Pants are from Athelta.In the North East many people go into dark color looks. However, I say lighten it up, if you are wearing a Maroon color sweater dress then brighten it up by wearing a creme color sports jacket.Also, leather backpacks are a wonderful God Send, they ease a lot of the stress that we ladies put on our shoulders.As for shoes calf length booties are in with full fur trim. Coach has wonderful calf length booties they are branching out into the world of fashion. Also we are seeing a rebirth of the 90's work bo…

Foodie Friday: Fish Stew

Today's Foodie Friday is a wonderful dish that I had growing up on Friday!Fish Stew
2 lbs of King Fish Steak s
1 Onion
1 Carrot
2 Cloves of Garlic
4 Sprigs of Fresh Thyme
4 Sprigs of Chives
1 Can of Fresh TomatosClean the fish
In a pot saute:
With fresh or dried herbs in Olive Oil , when vegetables are soften, then put the Can of Tomato with Kosher Salt.Leave on stove for an hour, then place King Fish into the tomato base, reduce and slow cook every thing.Serve in bowls hot with boiled cooked plantains.Cheers to a great dish that is healthy on so many levels!

Foodie Friday is Back!!!

Ok so we went on a bit of a hiatus, now we are back, today's Foodie Friday is a celebration of summer.Beer Battered Fish
Hush Puppies
Cole SlawGreen Tea LemonadePeaches Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream.We started out with 6 pounds of Peaches, we marinaded them in Burbon, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Sugar. Let that sit for two hours.We made the biscuit dough thanks to William Sonoma cobbler mix.Then we worked on the Hush Puppy mix
Using Cornmeal, dried chives, dried onions, chilli powder and mixed two eggs, one egg yolk, and 1/4 cup of milk. We set that aside for 30 min.Getting back to our peaches in a large baking dish we put butter and the bottom and sides of the dish, then added some sugar, put the Peaches in the baking dish with the raw dough mix and cook it for 2 hours.We put cinnamon sugar on top so that it would give and nice caramelized brown.Hush Puppies Mix is all set,
We added  Canola Oil to our deep fryer waited until the oil was hot a bubbly then, dropped spoonful of the mix …

Open Letter to My Techies

Year 2015 we are entering the final quarter of the year. I love my fellow tech entrepreneurs, I am kinda one of you, so here is my wish list:1. If you are doing anything mobile start with Android, then we you break even you can switch to ioS. More Android users than Apple.2. If you have a on demand alcohol service, include a signature drink mix, that's how you make real money. Or throw in Bartending services.3. Figure out a way for job seekers to send resumes without giving employers access to their Google Drive or Entire Hard Drive, even USB.  Invent resume dropbox only.4. Beauty Apps Glam Squad, Beautylish, and other on demand beauty apps, have stylists who are trained in ethnic hair, and bi racial hair. Venture out of Manhattan some times as well.5. Shopping Apps and stylists Apps, in this space we need fast fashion stores and online portals for plus size women. Size 8 and up is considered plus size. Also, I don't need another discount and your technology guy is at the A li…

We Heart This In Beauty: NYFW

Fashionistas will flock to NYC starting Monday and stay until the end of the month.So what do you need for the busiest month in NYC?1. Glam Glow Mud to Foam exfoliating cleanser.
This product is safe to use every day and with the heat of the NYC streets it can be tough on the skin.2. Speaking of Exfoliating Any Shea
Moisture Scrub is a friend of mind it is sugar based with all of moisture of Shea Butter as a base, so there is no need for lotion.3. Love Honey? Then you need to try Hey Honey face mask, which you put on after you exfoliation for two minutes, then you rinse off. You skin will look amazing as though you have a natural glow.4. Feet,  Everyone will be in heels and smiling through the pain, but not you because you will have Dr. Scholl's on to comfort your feet even if you are wearing flats.5. Nails, I like to keep it classy in Pinks for the days and Reds for the evening. Nail art is kinda done, except for this shining metallic that looks like mirrors, just a glimpse of wh…

Accu-Chek Eases Parental Fears

As part of going back to school, many parents who have children with Diabetes often wonder if they are going to the school nurse to take their medicine.Or children with diabetes often feel embarrassed, when there Mom's tell the coach to call a time out, because again they have to take medicine.Accu-Chek the maker of glucose test strips for diabetic patients have used technology to ease parents fears and have children with diabetes live normal lives.The Accu-Chek Connect system is an integrated meter, app, and online portal which is designed to give you a window into your child's diabetes management any place and at any location.It is designed so auto generated texts let you know glucose levels whenever your child tests, this way it gives you the parent a greater peace of mind and it ensures that your child is getting their medicine.For more information please visit device is sold exclusively at Walgreens.Thanks to Accu-Chek for makin…

We Heart This:Food Edition

So, end of summer here are dishes and sweets that we couldn't get enough of :We Heart:Spicy Grilled Shrimp over a bed of lettuce.
The Shrimp was marinaded in olive oil lime and red chilli flakes that's it!
Lettuce was plain with a little raspberry balsamic.Crispy Oven Baked ChickenWe did turn on the oven and it was great.  We butterflied the chicken breast lemon juice, garlic and ginger and baked at 375 for 30 min, skin was crispy and meat was moist and we served it with plain avocado.Insomnia CookiesThese cookies are the best! We were in the Meatpacking District one night and shared a Smore Cookie. Amazing!!!! They have Snickerdoodle, Classic Chocolate Chip.We don't bake from scratch that is why we have William Sonoma.This summer for get togethers we had
Pecan Brownies Mix
Love the Shortcake Mix that we made our blueberry mint cobbler
Chocolate Stout Cake we did find a recipe for Peanut Butter Mouse. So the Chocolate Stout Cake Mix with Peanut Butter Mouse was our decade…