NYFW Recap

So, we are a week late, but we had to really decide on the traditional or on what we saw in terms of NYFW.

For this Fall every now is fringing it and the open back sweater with a zipper is amazing.

We also saw for Spring that Athleisure is going to be really big, from old time tennis dresses, you can wear to Spring Cocktail party's.

What is big right now are Pointe Pants which are Spandex and cotton blend. They can be worn dressy or for work.
The best Pointe Pants are from Athelta.

In the North East many people go into dark color looks. However, I say lighten it up, if you are wearing a Maroon color sweater dress then brighten it up by wearing a creme color sports jacket.

Also, leather backpacks are a wonderful God Send, they ease a lot of the stress that we ladies put on our shoulders.

As for shoes calf length booties are in with full fur trim. Coach has wonderful calf length booties they are branching out into the world of fashion. Also we are seeing a rebirth of the 90's work booties, Timberland.

So, that is our take on what we saw at NYFW.

Cheers to enjoying fashion as much as we do!


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