We Heart This In Beauty: NYFW

Fashionistas will flock to NYC starting Monday and stay until the end of the month.

So what do you need for the busiest month in NYC?

1. Glam Glow Mud to Foam exfoliating cleanser.
This product is safe to use every day and with the heat of the NYC streets it can be tough on the skin.

2. Speaking of Exfoliating Any Shea
Moisture Scrub is a friend of mind it is sugar based with all of moisture of Shea Butter as a base, so there is no need for lotion.

3. Love Honey? Then you need to try Hey Honey face mask, which you put on after you exfoliation for two minutes, then you rinse off. You skin will look amazing as though you have a natural glow.

4. Feet,  Everyone will be in heels and smiling through the pain, but not you because you will have Dr. Scholl's on to comfort your feet even if you are wearing flats.

5. Nails, I like to keep it classy in Pinks for the days and Reds for the evening. Nail art is kinda done, except for this shining metallic that looks like mirrors, just a glimpse of what you can see on the red carpet.

6. A Metro Card that has at least 50.00 on it because with the prep work for the Pope, the UN Assembly in town, Uber may not be your fastest way around town. You may have to get on the subway to go to shows.

7. Packets of Justin's Almond Butter, pure protein won't hurt any diet and if you are not back to back in shows, then this is your best friend. Because restaurants and food trucks are going to be overwhelmed better start using Seamless to order your food now.

8. Lipstick My favorite is a purple matte stain, then at night you can add a high end shimmering lip gloss to the lip stain.

9. Not fond of eye liner for the day, but Make Up Forever mascara will make it seem as though you have on false lashes.

10. Shampoo you would want Rosemary Mint from Aveda, gets the grime out of your hair and a Caviar Anti Aging Leave In Conditioner.

11. Lastly, a understanding boyfriend who doesn't mind giving you back rubs and foot messages at the end of a long day.

Cheers to NYFW and what the product s that we heart to get us through the month.

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