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Laughter is Healing!

Recently, we read an article about the secret to people who live 90 years and beyond..

The one thing that they had in common aside from eating right and exercise, was laughter.

In the article said they learned to "laugh" at situations that others thought would be impossible and they sought out  "the joke of the day."

So, we tried this for a week, we made certain that I laughed everyday, then we took our blood pressure, it was considerably lower than if we stayed in a negative state.

Our tricks were to keep a joke book around or just remember the silly things from childhood, that kept us in a positive mood.

If that doesn't work, has great clips of comedians- Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, even Red Foxx.

I was told that laughing produces the same endorphins as exercise and sex, so if you can combine all three then you are truly on top of the world.

Cheers to Laughter Therapy!

BOO: Eliminating Fear in Dangerous Times

We all agree that the world seems to be a pretty unsafe place.

We read a story a couple of months ago about a man who called his local police because there was a suspicious package on his doorstep.

So, he hunkered down in his basement and waited for the police, police came, the SWAT team came as well, then the police asked him "When was the last time he made an online purchase? He couldn't recall, police then gave him the invoice, that dangerous "package" was his videos from Amazon.

This prompted us at Positivexpert to make a list of everything that we "feared" and to address our fears.

One person- hated going to the doctor, but she wanted to have a baby and she had a family history of breast cancer, so she made an appointment for a mammogram and sonogram of her breasts. Results- NO DETECTION OF CANCER!  Went to the GYN- everything is normal, fertility is great, her boyfriend now needs to put "Ring On IT!"
Double Elimination of FEAR cancelled o…

Spring Has Sprung- Shoe Preview 2013

Eventhough, we are still wearing our Hunter snow boots in NYC.

We saw the most amazing shoes for Spring and you can order yours at

Colors are here to stay, especially when it comes to shoes.

Our Picks:
Manolo Blanik:
1. BB Snakeskin Pump, in Baby Blue- if you are getting married this year wear these: "As Your Something Blue."

2. Statement Shoe:
Arpegeny Snakeskin- Band Slide Sandal- Burst of vibrant colors, if you have a yellow, red, or black dress or jumpsuit this shoe will leave them talking for days!

3.Demure and Elegant:
Carolyne Snakeskin;
Low-Heel Halter Pump in Pink- Perfect for Tea, Weddings, or Easter Sunday.

Jimmy Choo

1. Statement Shoe:
Bolt Painted Python Peep- Toe Bootie: Colors and even more colors!

2. Practical Purposes:
Bale Peep- Toe Patent Wedge Pump- Glitter Mirrored Wedge- Slight Gold tone Shimmer, perfect for any occassion.

We these are our breath taking finds so far, something to keep us wanting for March 21 to come!

Cheers to Shoe Ther…

Pizza's that Everyone will Love

We were "snowed" in, so we raided the kitchen in our search to find something tasty and warm.

Besides, the pizza guy wasn't delivering.

Here is what we found:

1. Baby Portabella Mushrooms
2. Onions
3. Small Tortillas
4. Olive Oil
5. Garlic
6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We started to chop up all the veggies and put them in pan with garlic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We fired up the oven to 400 degrees and put the tortillas on a baking sheet and brushed them with Extra Virgin Olive Oil for 15 min. til crispy.

After the veggies were well sauted we put generous amounts of the mixture on the crispy tortilla for another 5 min.

We did create the most delicious snack or dinner out. Getting some sparkling water with lemon and pretend you are in the Greek Isles.

Cheers to gourmet pizza's!

Unique Wedding Favors

Congrats! You found your soul mate and you are in the planning phases of your wedding.

Wedding favors often go overlooked and enough time and thought should go into your wedding favors.

We thought of some unique wedding favors:

Find a local artist who can reproduce your wedding colors and theme into a colorful calendar.

Real Wine-
City Winery in both Chicago and New York have programs where you can create your own wine, from the type of wine- wide selection of reds and whites, to the type of cork, down to the design of your label. Of course this is a lengthy process, so if you aren't in a RUSH check it out.

Room Diffusers-
Fred's and Henri Bendel's in NY and Los Angeles have perfume bars, where you can create your own scent, if you were to go to a craft store and purchase bottles, reed diffusers, with labels. This makes wonderful gifts that your guests can enjoy.

Many women still ask if they can take the centerpieces home, and I know any bride cringe…

How to Avoid "Crayon" Syndrome

What is "Crayon" Syndrome?

Crayon Syndrome is a term that we devised when we match our outfit to our bag, to our nail polish, to our at shoes.

Take out the 64 box of crayons- and your entire outfit looks like the magenta crayon. If you haven't done it, I am certain that you saw someone commit this fashion blunder.

So, what do you do when you have a gorgeous emerald green dress?

Use complementary colors- emerald green outfit- pair it with citrine or canary yellow diamond accessories, then use a Bright Yellow on your nails and toes, with a basic black evening bag and shoes.

If you have a deep rich purple outfit then pair it with light blue accessories-blue topaz, we love Rhapsody Blue nail polish by Essie, and gray shoes and bag.

I think you got the message by now!

Cheers to the end of crayon syndrome!

Mid- Winter Retail Therapy: Our Finds

We haven't been shopping for a while, but when we noticed that we were actually having a WINTER, this year, we decided to go shopping.

So here are our finds:

1. Everyone is doing Skinny Jeans- So we found a great pair of buttoned down flared jeans, great for wearing thermal long johns.

2. We scored a great DKNY's slouch sweaters in teal, purple, and white for under 30.00, switch earrings and make- up for day to night look.

3. I lost a pair of gloves going to a taping of a show, so I got a great pair of fur lined gloves, which are awesome and so warm for under $20.00.

4. I was kinda low on Shower Gels- I got a 3 pack of Organic Korres Shower Gel, in Japanese Blossom, Basil and Lemon, and Guava, full size bottles, no samples for under 30.00.

5. Electronic toothbrushes- 2 electronic tooth brushes one for travel and one for everyday use, with changable electronic toothbrush heads.

6. Of course being that we are beauty junkies: We are trying Deborah Lippman nail colors- one in SkyB…

Heart Warming - Pedicure

Warm Cream Pedicure

1. Hot/Warm Water in a Foot Bath.
2. 1 teaspoon of Epsom Salts
3. 2 drops of Lavender Oil
4. Your favorite Body Butter

Soak feet in foot bath of Epsom Salt and lavender oil for 30 min.

After soaking feet in the hot/warm bath for 30 min.

Slough off dread skin with pumice stone.

Dry feet thoroughly

In microwave put your favorite body butter in your plastic pedicure cup for 10 secs.

Message your feet with the warm lotion.

After feet are thoroughly messaged then, put your feet in white socks.

Do this all winter without nail polish and by the time Spring/Summer comes around, then you will have excellent feet for the Spring/Summer colors.


Red Velvet Cupcake Cocktail

Valentine's Day is not over...

Especially if your girlfriend loves Red Velvet Cake, she will love this cocktail:

Red Velvet Cupcake Cocktail:

1 ounce Chocolate Liquer
1 ounce Raspberry Liquer
1 ounce White Rum
2 ounces Heavy Cream

Shake very well and serve with chocolate shavings and chocolate covered berry.

Cheers to Valentine's Day Part II!

NYFW: Adolfo Sanchez Show

Our NYFW Highlight was attending the L.A. based Designer Adolfo Sanchez.

As the music descended on the studio, the audience eagerly awaited the creations from this great designer.

His style is Hollywood glam with a rock and roll edge to it, so think Marilyn Monroe meets Stevie Nicks.

Adolfo was gracious enough to give us the link for his show to share with the rest of you:

We have our favorites, tell Adolfo or order yours from Adolfo.

Cheers to a great NYFW!!

Valentine's Day Partner Centered Focus Days.

Every day should be a day of love, especially if you are lucky enough to have found your soulmate.

We are proposing a two part Valentine's Day- Each dayfocused on each partner.

Valentine's Day Part I:

If you are preparing a special evening for your significant other, then you have to check yourself out of the picture!

1. If you are person who talks about work or your business at home, all the time, then for that one day don't do it. I never found talking about one thing all the time to be sexy, it is actually selfish.

1. Scent the room with your significant others favorite scented candles or diffusers.
2. Buy that person favorite flowers, not just the standard red roses, but all men and women have a special plant or flower that they hold dear to them.
3. Music: Have a play list on their favorite love songs, or the love song that reminds him of you/vice versa.

1. Wear his/her favorite color and outfit. Every guy loves his women in a particular outfit and …

How to Build Critical Thinking Skills In Children

Remember a time in school when the teachers told us "to put on our thinking caps."

Thinking Caps--which meant to look for the answer using critical thinking skills, heck I even remember a time when critical thinking was part of the school curriculum.

Many children want instant answers without thinking through complex problems.

In my Calculus class you had to show every step in solving your problem, even if you got the right answer, if  you had a mis-step that showed an error in getting the right answer, you failed the exam.

It is essential to teach children critical thinking skills not just "getting the right answer on an exam."

Growing up I had to present to my mother a plan for everything! She never allowed me to be lack in my thought process and if I did something impulsively, she asked "What was I thinking?" then she listened because she really want to know if there was some error in my thought process.

Critical thinking skills should be ingrained into ev…

Dreams Into Action: Start Your Own Fashion Line

This week in Manhattan is filled with all the major designers, buyers, celebs, all who want to showcase there latest collection to the world.

Some of you have watched Project Runway ad nausea, then revisit your old sketches wondering if they have potential.

We compiled a list of NYC based Fashion Related Resources, to help you make that final move to launch or not to launch.
This group teaches indie, Emerging Fashion Designers, and students about the BUSINESS SIDE of fashion, through webinars, workshops, e-books, and online community support.

NYC's Classic- FIT- Fashion Institute of Technology:
FIT is world renown for producing the finest designers in the industry. However, if you don't have time to go back to school full-time they have wonderful array of affordable courses, from launching your business, fabrication, jewelry design, and how to be a fashion stylist. All courses are taught by industry professionals. They even have online courses, so if y…

Shopping for Great Cause- Harboring Hearts

February is the month of love as we all know, however it is Heart Awareness Month.

We all have seen the ads for Heart Healthy eating, maintaining a normal blood pressure,etc.

My dear friend Michelle Javian Co- Founded, a great organization several years ago after she witnessed, her father's fight with heart disease and until his untimely passing.

Harboring Hearts(HH) is a national organization committed to the intervention, and support of the millions Americans that have heart disease.

The following are ways that you can help this great organization from NOW til the end of February.

1. Stop by and treat yourself, your significant other, and kids to a heart- healthy red velvet mini cupcakes, 100% of the proceeds will benefit HH.

2. Shop at (everything is fab!) 10% of the proceeds will benefit HH, BONUS if you sign-up for their newsletter, $1.00 will be donated to HH.

3. Get OUT!! Go Ice-Skating at every Thursday t…

Getting that "Natural High"

So, if you are feeling anxious what do you? How can you achieve a "Natural High."

1. Warm Milk with Organic Ginger- this puts me to bed in an instant.

2. Scented Candles-- Asian Pear and Moroccan Amber from Nest Candles, puts anyone in a Zen like state.

3. Deep Breathing- Deep Breathing is great especially when you have the scented candles lit.

4. Massage- Getting a massage by a licensed massage therapist is a great way to relax the body and drains the lymphatic system of all toxins.

Trust me if you try at one method consistently for one week, you will be in Nirvana!

Cheers to feeling RELAXED!!

How to Give: Charities, People, and Self

Many people who have attain some type of success are often "guilted" into giving.

You here it all around you "blessed art those you give" "God loves a cheerful giver."

However, many people fail to read a very important part of text which "do not give under compulsion."

So, even though the holidays aren't for another 200 something days.

It is time you put the "breaks" on people you are constantly looking and sometimes demanding for you to do for them or their family.

Establish a priority system: CHARITIES

1.Donation of Money:
Select a charity that has excellent customer service- and donate to a specific campaign, if not you are helping pay someone else's salary. Stipulate this money is a "one-time gift" to this specific fund.

2. Donation of Items:
If you want to get rid of  books, clothing, jewlery, and shoes- no matter how high end- Many charities have pick up services, I used one particular reputable charity and l…

90's Throw Back: Long Island Iced Tea

This is a classic Cocktail that was served in the 90's at any Friday's Restaurant.

 Long Island Iced Tea

1 ounce Dry Gin
1 ounce Vodka
1 ounce Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum
1 ounce Patron Gold Tequila
.50 ounce triple sec
7 ounces of Cola
Lemon Wedges for garnish

In a pitcher combine all the ingredients and serve in tall glasses garnish with lemon wedges.

If you had a heck of week then you and your buddies should throw back ONE of these!

Be legal 21 plus and Be responsible- DUI's are not cool!

Tasty Health Alert- LYFE Meals

The top New Year's Resolution was to Lose Weight, includinge me.

While I was watching Bloomberg Business News, I watched a program on market changers.

They featured the  founder of LYFE meals and restaurants.

LYFE Meals are tasty meals that are low sodium and fat and have loads of flavor, and natural and organic ingredients.

Breakfast- I had the Friatta with Sweet Potato hash

Lunch-- Fish with soba noodles and veggies

Dinner- Grain Dish- The nine grain dish is my favorite with loads of flavor.

I bought my meals at HSN for 29.95 for a pack of 4, so for the three meals I had 16 days of great eating for the price of one week of "traditional" diet meal service.

LYFE also has restaurants mostly on the West Coast, but I can't wait until they bring the goodness to NYC.

Cheers to LYFE!!

Valentine Night Menu

Great you got a date lined up for Valentine's Day, Great!

This is one of the busiest nights for restaurants of the year so you might as well, make it yourself!

Here is a Sample--Valentine's Night Menu

Butternut Squash Soup, you can buy the organic kind at Whole Foods and add a hint of heavy cream and turmeric for some zing.

Cajun Fish with Carrot Mash:
My choice of fish is Salmon fillets
Season the fish with a low sodium Cajun Seasoning
Bake in a shallow pan with Extra Virgin Olive Oil till fish is flaky.

Carrot Mash:
1. Boil a bunch of carrots, til tender.
2. Mash carrots until consistency of mashed potato's
3. Add some pure maple syrup and to the mixture, this sweetness will give it balance to the Cajun mixture.

Place fish on top of the carrot mash and have a wonderful main course.


Champagne Flower:
1. Chilled Champagne flute
2. Chilled Champagne
3. Elderberry flower Liqueur
Mix Champagne and Elderberry flower Liqueur together and serve immediately.


Valentine's Date Night Suggestions

Valentine's Day falls in an awkward month, February.

 Why couldn't it be May when the weather is  warm?

So, I digress, here are some "cool" Valentine's Day things to do with you and your significant other:

1. Ice Skating: Citi Pond in New York, is so romantic especially at night!

2. Picnic in the Park: That's right a picnic in the park! Fill up those Thermos's with tea or hot cocoa, or even soup and have a picnic.

3. "Night at the Museum": Museums in NYC have become quite the hot spots, with some of them having world class eateries and the Hayden Planetarium-- is amazing at night.

4. Hiking: The Catskills are a great place to put those snowshoes on an do a hike, then afterwards you can yours can get into steaming hot tub in a rented cabin.

5. Take a Day Trip- Go Ice Fishing--there are guides that will take you and your significant other ice fishing.

Those are my "cool" ideas for a steamy Valentine's Day.

Cheers to you and your loved ones!

Beauty Products for Love

This month is all about love, and when you are take care of yourself, you are showing the world, you are worthy of love.

So, last month we tried some new/old beauty products and we came up with the best for this winter.

You know I love to keep my nails in tip/top shape, here are the latest in nail colors for winter:

Bright Yellow- Cab Fare- Sephora/OPI for 9.50 or Cheeky--Butter London for 15.00

Maroon/Red- Curve-aceous- Sephora/OPI for 9.50 or True Blood Color by Debra Lippmann- 28.00

Sandy Bronze- Already Famous- Sephora/OPI for 9.50 or Shades of Grey by Julep- 15.00

All colors work well this year's color which is Emerald Green- Prosperity/Health.

I love the Sandy Bronze/Grey color for business meetings, job interviews, professional mixers.

Date  Nights:
Maroon/Red colors men love that especially with a top coat of "diamonds" from Nails, Inc.

Bright Yellow is when you really need a special pick me up, even if you can't wear to the office, you can wear it on your toes.


Happy Hour Cocktail: Warm Almond Surpise

If it is not 75 degrees it is still COLD for ME!

So we created a Warm Almond Surprise:

16 ounces of Warm Almond Milk
2 teaspoons of Cinnamon
1 dash of Vanilla
2 ounces of Amaretto--Almond Liqueur

Take all the ingredients and blend in a blender until frothy, pour into warm mugs with shaved nutmeg on top.

Cheers to Happy Hour and making it through another WEEK!