BOO: Eliminating Fear in Dangerous Times

We all agree that the world seems to be a pretty unsafe place.

We read a story a couple of months ago about a man who called his local police because there was a suspicious package on his doorstep.

So, he hunkered down in his basement and waited for the police, police came, the SWAT team came as well, then the police asked him "When was the last time he made an online purchase? He couldn't recall, police then gave him the invoice, that dangerous "package" was his videos from Amazon.

This prompted us at Positivexpert to make a list of everything that we "feared" and to address our fears.

One person- hated going to the doctor, but she wanted to have a baby and she had a family history of breast cancer, so she made an appointment for a mammogram and sonogram of her breasts. Results- NO DETECTION OF CANCER!  Went to the GYN- everything is normal, fertility is great, her boyfriend now needs to put "Ring On IT!"
Double Elimination of FEAR cancelled out!

One person- feared being around someone who was mean to her at one point, when she arrived at an event and saw the person's name in attendance, the first instinct was for her to bolt, but she stayed and enjoyed herself and that person never noticed.
Fear Two Eliminated.

Another person- feared rejection, but scored a great ticket to Fashion Week by a well known L.A. designer, she went had a GREAT TIME!
Fear Three Eliminated

Lastly me- the boss, even though I have been to 9-11 site numerous of times, as a survivor, I never went to site that I was trapped in after making out of the that area. So, I had tickets to a taping and the address was the SAME ADDRESS, where I was hid for 3 hours. But, I went to the address, I got emotional, but that was the last piece of confrontation that I needed to end that horrible chapter of my life.
Total Five Fears Eliminated!!!

This seems easier said that done, but the one thing that we learned when we confronted our fears, it wasn't as bad as our "thoughts."

Of course, if you see someone with two duffel's bags screaming "He/She has a bomb" then, by all means get out and call Homeland Security!

But for the most of us in the normal world, the more we eliminate our fears by exposing yourself to the source of the fear in a proper way, then we all can live in a more safer environment.

Cheers to FEAR BUSTING!!!

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