How to Avoid "Crayon" Syndrome

What is "Crayon" Syndrome?

Crayon Syndrome is a term that we devised when we match our outfit to our bag, to our nail polish, to our at shoes.

Take out the 64 box of crayons- and your entire outfit looks like the magenta crayon. If you haven't done it, I am certain that you saw someone commit this fashion blunder.

So, what do you do when you have a gorgeous emerald green dress?

Use complementary colors- emerald green outfit- pair it with citrine or canary yellow diamond accessories, then use a Bright Yellow on your nails and toes, with a basic black evening bag and shoes.

If you have a deep rich purple outfit then pair it with light blue accessories-blue topaz, we love Rhapsody Blue nail polish by Essie, and gray shoes and bag.

I think you got the message by now!

Cheers to the end of crayon syndrome!

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