How to Give: Charities, People, and Self

Many people who have attain some type of success are often "guilted" into giving.

You here it all around you "blessed art those you give" "God loves a cheerful giver."

However, many people fail to read a very important part of text which "do not give under compulsion."

So, even though the holidays aren't for another 200 something days.

It is time you put the "breaks" on people you are constantly looking and sometimes demanding for you to do for them or their family.

Establish a priority system: CHARITIES

1.Donation of Money:
Select a charity that has excellent customer service- and donate to a specific campaign, if not you are helping pay someone else's salary. Stipulate this money is a "one-time gift" to this specific fund.

2. Donation of Items:
If you want to get rid of  books, clothing, jewlery, and shoes- no matter how high end- Many charities have pick up services, I used one particular reputable charity and left the boxes outside my front door, they gave me an official tax slip for my taxes. I never saw these people and vice versa, but I still felt great giving to good cause. BE WEARY: A friend called another charity and they wanted to come into to home and make an assessment before they picked up the items. DO NOT DO THIS!

3. Volunteer:

We are still in a rough economy, if you need a job, volunteering is great; however only volunteer no more than 3.0 hours per week total.

Many organizations will continue use your talents and if a position comes up, there is no guarantee that you may get that position. TRUE STORY a friend donating several hours to a major non-profit, they told her to appply for a position, and the organization gave it a board members daughter, who then turned around and asked her to train her for the position.


1. When you give to people, only give to those whom you felt has truly made a significant difference in your life.

I have learned when you give to ungrateful people, this then sets up an atmosphere of expectation, they become very demanding, and are always looking for you to give to them or their families. If you do give them a gift, make certain it is nice but is extremely cheap in value.

2. If a family member calls you asking for money and they are not homeless, make them sign a promissory note asking for your money back at a specific time, you may have to include interest.

I was always the one giving, however one day I found myself looking for a pair of earrings only to remember that someone admired them and I gave those away.

Also, if I had a voucher that I wasn't using I gave innocently to a family member or friend who never said "thank you" and never used the voucher.

Gut check-- This Valentine's Day, I did have some vouchers that I could have "given" away, instead I gave it me, I bought myself some wonderful jewlery, flowers, and took myself to a great restaurant.

Giving is great but all in moderation and give to yourself FIRST before anyone else.

Cheers to living a balanced life!

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