Laughter is Healing!

Recently, we read an article about the secret to people who live 90 years and beyond..

The one thing that they had in common aside from eating right and exercise, was laughter.

In the article said they learned to "laugh" at situations that others thought would be impossible and they sought out  "the joke of the day."

So, we tried this for a week, we made certain that I laughed everyday, then we took our blood pressure, it was considerably lower than if we stayed in a negative state.

Our tricks were to keep a joke book around or just remember the silly things from childhood, that kept us in a positive mood.

If that doesn't work, has great clips of comedians- Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, even Red Foxx.

I was told that laughing produces the same endorphins as exercise and sex, so if you can combine all three then you are truly on top of the world.

Cheers to Laughter Therapy!

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