Pizza's that Everyone will Love

We were "snowed" in, so we raided the kitchen in our search to find something tasty and warm.

Besides, the pizza guy wasn't delivering.

Here is what we found:

1. Baby Portabella Mushrooms
2. Onions
3. Small Tortillas
4. Olive Oil
5. Garlic
6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We started to chop up all the veggies and put them in pan with garlic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We fired up the oven to 400 degrees and put the tortillas on a baking sheet and brushed them with Extra Virgin Olive Oil for 15 min. til crispy.

After the veggies were well sauted we put generous amounts of the mixture on the crispy tortilla for another 5 min.

We did create the most delicious snack or dinner out. Getting some sparkling water with lemon and pretend you are in the Greek Isles.

Cheers to gourmet pizza's!

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