Tasty Health Alert- LYFE Meals

The top New Year's Resolution was to Lose Weight, includinge me.

While I was watching Bloomberg Business News, I watched a program on market changers.

They featured the  founder of LYFE meals and restaurants.

LYFE Meals are tasty meals that are low sodium and fat and have loads of flavor, and natural and organic ingredients.

Breakfast- I had the Friatta with Sweet Potato hash

Lunch-- Fish with soba noodles and veggies

Dinner- Grain Dish- The nine grain dish is my favorite with loads of flavor.

I bought my meals at HSN for 29.95 for a pack of 4, so for the three meals I had 16 days of great eating for the price of one week of "traditional" diet meal service.

LYFE also has restaurants mostly on the West Coast, but I can't wait until they bring the goodness to NYC.

Cheers to LYFE!!

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