Unique Wedding Favors

Congrats! You found your soul mate and you are in the planning phases of your wedding.

Wedding favors often go overlooked and enough time and thought should go into your wedding favors.

We thought of some unique wedding favors:

Find a local artist who can reproduce your wedding colors and theme into a colorful calendar.

Real Wine-
City Winery in both Chicago and New York have programs where you can create your own wine, from the type of wine- wide selection of reds and whites, to the type of cork, down to the design of your label. Of course this is a lengthy process, so if you aren't in a RUSH check it out.

Room Diffusers-
Fred's and Henri Bendel's in NY and Los Angeles have perfume bars, where you can create your own scent, if you were to go to a craft store and purchase bottles, reed diffusers, with labels. This makes wonderful gifts that your guests can enjoy.

Many women still ask if they can take the centerpieces home, and I know any bride cringes at the thought, depending on your budget, have mini centerpieces created for the women.

We know loads of brides and grooms now do the M&M's with their faces and date of the wedding on them.

Nice, however if you were to investigate a local chocolate artisan or a higher end chocolatier, have them create for your guests signature wedding truffles, with your taste palate. Gift box them, etc.

Check out bulk prices on Waterford and Lenox on their discontinued products, you can score excellent deals, but for this favor one per couple.

Bridesmaids Favors:

Your bridesmaids help put as much time and effort into your wedding, so here are our suggestions:
1. Julep Nail Polish Box- Specific to each of their tastes contact: julep.com for more information.
2. Stress Relief Box- Her favorite candles, diffusers, and trip to local day spa.
3. Cupcake Box and Champagne-DCCupcakes.com, Crumbs.com andGeorgetownCups.com, all have great flavors and can do specialty cupcakes and they ship anywhere! Our champagne by choice is Verve Cliquot

Groomsmen Favors:

Guys like favors as well. Here are our picks:
1. Catered Guys Night Party- Have your local caterer that everyone loves, cater a Sports Night for your best buds.

2. Tickets to a Sporting Event- Basketball, Baseball, Kentucky Durby, etc.

3. Imported Irish Whiskey or Burbon

Cheers to Making Everyone feel loved!

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