Valentine Night Menu

Great you got a date lined up for Valentine's Day, Great!

This is one of the busiest nights for restaurants of the year so you might as well, make it yourself!

Here is a Sample--Valentine's Night Menu

Butternut Squash Soup, you can buy the organic kind at Whole Foods and add a hint of heavy cream and turmeric for some zing.

Cajun Fish with Carrot Mash:
My choice of fish is Salmon fillets
Season the fish with a low sodium Cajun Seasoning
Bake in a shallow pan with Extra Virgin Olive Oil till fish is flaky.

Carrot Mash:
1. Boil a bunch of carrots, til tender.
2. Mash carrots until consistency of mashed potato's
3. Add some pure maple syrup and to the mixture, this sweetness will give it balance to the Cajun mixture.

Place fish on top of the carrot mash and have a wonderful main course.


Champagne Flower:
1. Chilled Champagne flute
2. Chilled Champagne
3. Elderberry flower Liqueur
Mix Champagne and Elderberry flower Liqueur together and serve immediately.

Crepe Layer Cake from Lady M Bakery! (Order Now)

Cheers to a night of great eating and great love making!

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