August in October

The cold has settled in and you and your significant other can't wait to go on your Winter V-Cay but that is in January.

Make your own day at the tropics:

1. Scents and atmosphere:
Moss and Mint Candles from Nest Fragrances

2. Take your summer bathing suits out of storage- have a great bubble bath and pretend you are in St. John or the Bahamas.

3. Meals:
Go to the Grocery the night before and under the Latin Section, pick out frozen tropical foods, and frozen tropical fruits for that fruity adult beverage.

4. Rum it UP!
Add either Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum or Malibu Coconut Rum to your frozen fruity drinks.

5. Playlist
Play salsa, reggae, and calypso to have your own private dance party.

This would have you and yours living it up and have just enough fun to get you through to you Winter Va-Cay.

Cheers to August in October!

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