Beauty Spot: Garnier Face Mask

This week, we switched it up a bit regarding, beauty products. We heard a lot about Garnier Face Mask, so we had to try it out!

Garnier Face Mask, for 6 sheets it costs about 14.95, put it on as you would any face mask for ten min. I did feel a tingling sensation; however it was nothing unbearable.

After 10 min. my skin, looked and felt great! I tried it again for three days straight as directed, and my skin was a noticeable radiant, smoothe, and brighter.

Someone asked if I can been on vacation, nope and I smiled :)

So, for Garnier is our go to product for facial masks under $25.00.

You can get Garnier at any major retailer including Wal-Mart!

Cheers to beautiful skin thanks to Garnier!

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