Book Report: Jonathan Adler: My Prescription for Anti- Depressive Living

AOL had a video series of innovators and Jonathan Adler was featured, he is noted for his distinct,
classy, yet whimsical take on design.

I was so impressed with the video series that I decided to purchase one of his books.

Jonathan's book: My Prescription for Anti- Depressive Living is one of the best Modern Day books
on design that I have seen in years!

He not only gives you great ways to design and decorate any room, but it is part inspirational as well.
Adler tells of how he decided to ditch a coveted junior talent agent position, to make pottery non-stop for three years!!

Fast forward today he is the most sought out after designer having key retail stores in major markets
and such a zest for life. As a former art history major I know Jonathan will be ranked as the designer of the who infused the world with laughter in a tasteful way.

Please pick up this book, this is a must for your coffee table or if you are doing any room in home.

He inspired me to create a Rustic Glam look for the Thanksgiving tabletop.

Cheers to My Prescription for Anti- Depressive Living!!

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