Building A Business w/ a Spouse

Over the years, I have had the good fortune of speaking with some great business owners who are happily married.

However they have shared with me the keys to building a business with a spouse.

1. Separate business from home life, always have a separate office from your home, even if you have to get a co-working space from a business incubator.

2. Running a business is 24 hours, decide on what times in your home you MUST discuss things, such as a potential lawsuit, or employee theft.

3. Make certain you are balanced--if your husband is great at product and design, you are the sales and marketing person, stick to your strengths.

4. Never argue in front of an accountant or lawyer or worse a potential client.

5. Never hire an attorney that are friends with just either you or your spouse. They are way too biased.

6. Never put the business before your relationship or children.

7. This should be number one but have a shared passion for the business whatever it is, if you approach business straight from a money making perspective your business is doomed.

Cheers to building an empire with your hubby or wife.

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