College Admissions Prep

High school seniors are busy writing college applications, interviewing and making certain their social media accounts are "clean."

The following are tips that may help them and YOU!

1. While your child is applying to schools, don't speak about the application process to your friends or family. Teens don't need the added pressure by every family member about "the process."

2. Create a list with your child's Top 5 Favorite Choices--this way if they don't get into one school they had their heart set they won't feel as much rejection.

3. Don't have your child discuss his/her college choices with their classmates, too much competition if her best friend gets in and she/he doesn't.

4. Remind her/him that many people have done great things without an Ivy League education.
I have fifteen childhood friends who all went to Ivy League schools, and none of them have been  Congressional Staffers, ran their own companies, met 4 Hollywood Directors, worked on Wall Street,
I didn't go to an Ivy League college and I have achieved all this and a little more.

5. Focus on the school that best fit your child's personality, so if your child is free spirit-- then you may want to look into a school that has that atmosphere, if your child is uber competitive naturally, then focus you child on a school that has that environment, etc.

6. When your child is writing his/her college admissions essay, focus on her/his strengths and anything that makes them unique without lying.
If they were a caregiver to a grandparent or if they excelled as part of a dance troupe with a disability and still maintained a high academic average-- make that a key aspect of the application.
Did  they win a scholarship to study a different language while in school?
Most schools especially independent schools already have community service built into their curriculum's, but if your child was offered a job from that experience, if he/she built the organizations website and increased social media in a positive way again highlight those experiences.

College admissions officers are looking for well grounded leaders who are academically gifted.

7. If you or your husband both went to Yale, and you are seventh generation, don't put pressure on your child to go to Yale. Just one example, it could be from whatever school.

Cheers to a stress free college application process!

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