How to Eliminate Choices

We live in a society where we have millions of choices and options for everything.

But what do you do when you have an "abundance?"

A few weeks ago, I was faced with a lot of  "opportunities," on the surface things it seemed as though everything was going "as planned." But, I was getting some warning signals.

1. Feeling overwhelmed is never a good sign especially if it is an "opportunity."

2. Evaluate all the pros and cons of a situation.

3. If you have to make an instant decision on something, it is never a good opportunity.

4. Mediate, pray, go within, but spend some quiet time with yourself, be as honest as possible and ask yourself, what do I really believe and how is this going to improve the quality of my life.

5. When you define your core--your true heart's desire, you will begin to eliminate the wrong choices instantly!

6. The power of focus many successful people, didn't start out doing ten things at once, they focused on one thing, perfected that one thing and then after years of perfection, they branched out.

Business 101- Eliminate the excess and the best opportunity will appear.

Cheers to the right opportunity!

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